Monday, January 21, 2013

Al-Jihad wa'l Qital fi as-Siyasa ash-Shar'iyya CONTENTS PAGE

Download the contents from here.
This is a draft translation of the contents page from the book 'Al-Jihad wa'l Qital fi as-Siyasa ash-Shar'iyya'. This three volume book is the work of Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Khayr Haykal which was his PhD thesis from the University of Damascus, Syria.
This book covers many issues related to Jihad and fighting, but its primary focus is the Jihad and fighting that will be performed by a future Khilafah.
We intend to translate and publish selected sections of this book in the future insha'Allah.
Please note the page numbers correspond to the Arabic book which can be downloaded from here.

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