Friday, March 29, 2013

Insight into the work of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Syria

Brigadier General Hussaam Al-'Awaak who deserted from the Syrian Army two years ago wrote:

The sight of two of my brothers from Hizb ut-Tahrir who were arrested by Assad's forces having their beards ripped off saddened me greatly. This is because it is this Hizb that has carried the Da'wah and the flag of the Islamic Da'wah in Syria after Ikhwaan Al-Muslimeen turned their backs on Islam and its teachings and distanced themselves from it. They turned instead towards the objective of political gains and interests keen on gaining positions of authority and wealth which has become clear in the highest levels through the course of the revolution when they attempted to ride the revolution to achieve dominance within it in order to take away the wealth and financial donations from states and individuals so as to fill the coffers of their own group and the pockets of their leadership. This is so that they can grab the authority after the revolution achieves victory. Whereas Hizb ut Tahrir has worked from inside Syria and influence within the ranks of the Syrian Army and they are considered to be part of it enjoying a high level of popularity with the Syrian people. It is a party that is the son of the people on the ground and none of its leadership has left Syria apart from those who were chased into Jordan and Lebanon.

Brigadier General Hussaam Al-'Awaak

(The above was translated from Arabic)


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