Wednesday, March 13, 2013

SNC represents the West and is responsible for sustaining the butcher Bashar’s regime!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Syrian National Coalition represents the West who established it in the first place, and this coalition is responsible for the crime of sustaining the butcher Bashar and his criminal regime!

General Authority of the Syrian National Coalition met on 21st and 22nd February 2013 in Cairo to develop the framework for a political solution plan in Syria and to explore the formation of a transitional government that would run its business from abroad and hold negotiations to end the crisis. In this meeting the coalition confirmed how alienated it is from the majority of the Syrian people, which demands to be governed by Islam. Yet again, the coalition has declared its adoption of a secular project in order to further reassure the West, so waiving the sovereignty of the law of Allah Almighty, through its call for a “democratic, civil and pluralistic system that equates among Syrians, men and women, of all different religious, sectarian, national and ethnic affiliations.”The coalition waivered once again the right of the Ummah in having the authority (sultan), as in the divine law (Shar’) by demanding it is based on “international guarantees from the Security Council, especially Russia and the United States, in addition to appropriate international auspices and adequate safeguards, so as to make this process possible via a binding resolution issued by the UN Security Council”. They also renewed the acceptance of the participation of “Baathists and other political, civil and social forces who were not involved in crimes against the Syrian people”. Moreover, they declared an agreement to form an interim government that runs its business from abroad and holds negotiations to end the crisis.
An examination of this coalition shows that since it was established it depends on outsiders – namely the U.S. and EU – for its resolutions. It also adopts the viewpoint in life of these outsiders, seeking their aid, support and solutions from them. Its decisions do not consider the opinion of the people, and nor their demand of referring to the law of Allah in their lives. Rather, it considers this a danger to the solution, exactly as the outsiders see it. Moreover, it prepares itself to strike this ideological approach and whoever works for it under the pretext of terrorism and extremism, just as the outsiders (meaning the West) do. This is the velvet, five-star opposition living abroad. It is an opposition that represents the West, which it established in the first place, which was made and formulated at a distance from the people and their religion and their interests. They were then promoted as an opposition that represents the people by the West and its lackeys from the Muslim rulers, together with their sponsored media,
All of this dangerous process has been coordinated internationally in order that the West can once again control the situation in Syria through this opposition; a matter that seemed obvious in the way decisions were taken in this Conference. The manipulation of the emotions of the people by the coalition, for “sparing the Syrian bloodshed and extra devastation and destruction of the land, beside many risks that beset it”, is only to sow the seeds of despair into the people so that they surrender to the plans of the West. This coalition is responsible for crime of sustaining the butcher Bashar and his criminal regime.
O Muslims in Syria: You are surrounded by enemies on every side; and you have no protection other than holding to the Command of Allah alone. The West and its tools have declared their hostility to Islam. They want to remove it from life and governance. You are obliged by Shar’ to turn to your deen and make it the path of your life, and be aware of the plans designed against you. This plan adopted by the coalition puts the revolution in Syria on the same course of the failed revolutions that have taken place so far in Muslim countries. So, beware from being deceived by the plans proposed to you that anger your Lord. Your revolution will only succeed if it adopted the submission to Allah alone, through working to implement the law of Allah alone, by the establishment of the globally rightly guided Khilafah, which alone can confront this international conspiracy and deception, with the help of only Allah. Hizb ut- Tahrir, extends a hand to all of those who are sincere, so as to carry the call of their Lord of the obligation of unifying their efforts to establish the deen. He, subhanahu wata’ala says:
“‘Uphold the [true] faith and do not be divided therein’ – What you [Prophet] call upon the mushrikeen to do is hard for them; Allah chooses for Himself whom He wills and guides to Himself whoever turns [to Him].”
Hizb ut-Tahrir
Wilayah of Syria
13 of Rabee’ Al-Aakhar 1434 – 23/02/2013
[This leaflet is a translation from the Arabic original]

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