Friday, May 24, 2013

The revolution in Syria will continue on a knife edge until it achieves the victory

Moaz Al-Khateeb is still striving like a snake to gather the betrayers from the opposition to accept the selling out of the revolution and to save the Syrian regime in response to American pressures.
They wish to finish off the revolution with politics after the failure of the massacres and destruction perpetrated with western compliance.
The form of the guidelines for the coming Geneva summit is - The formation of a joint government made up of members from the regime and opposition with limited mandatory powers whilst the army and security apparatus remains untouched with no accountability or justice being brought against the criminals and the tyrant remains in his post whilst retaining the right to stand in the forthcoming elections.
Is it possible for any believer or rational sane or free person to be satisfied with the remaining of the regime after they went out on to the streets to change it and after the sacrifices we have made in its path and whilst he is still committing the same murderous crimes against us?
Whoever claims that he is from amongst the opposition or is attached to the revolution and thereafter accepts this conspiracy then he is in truth an enemy of the revolution and it is necessary to regard him to be on the same said as the regime and to deal with him upon that basis.
The revolution will not halt half way upon the path towards its goal because that would mean suicide. In addition the honourable men will not be able to accept to live alongside the murderers who violated the honours of the women and slaughtered their children, and there is no doubt that they can make deals upon their Deen.
The revolution will continue upon its path until it achieves the victory and this is the path of every true and real revolution. A revolution is not a pastime and especially when you are facing the most criminal, heinous and impure regime that history has known.
We are a believing Ummah, the descendants of the Sahaabah (rah) and the followers of Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم. Our land is Ash-Shaam of Imaan and the homeland of Islaam (Uqra Daar il Islaam). We will never weaken and never surrender; it is either victory of Shahaadah (Martyrdom). And whoever finds weakness in his Deen then he should examine history and the western revolutions and that they did not achieve their goal except by blood and that it was not completed until after a long period of suffering.
Our revolution in Ash-Shaam, in spite of the large number of enemies and the meagre number of friends and possibilities, has already achieved a lot. It is still progressing and the awareness, will, experience and strength has increased and indeed what it has managed to achieve up until now despite the scale of attacks against it, is an indication that there is a divine caretaking for the revolution that is compensating for its material weaknesses and deficiencies.
The whole region is boiling right now, Tripoli and other towns and cities are also now involved in the revolution and are giving their blood easily in order to support Al-Qusair, and what awaits them in terms of goodness is better for them. However those who do not believe in Allah, they have a covering over their eyes and they will not see.
Verily the fire lit in Ash-Shaam will never be put out until the regime of Al-Asad has burned down along with its allies, the hypocrites in Lebanon, Iraq and Iran. And until the Jewish entity has been dealt with and the lands have been cleansed from all of the western influences and this will be after it has spread to encompass Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq so as to return to the Ummah her decision making and authority that had been stripped from it and restore the rule of their Lord that had been pushed aside and the promised Khilafah State.
And on that day the believers will rejoice.

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