Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Events in Taksim Square!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The Events in Taksim Square!

Prime Minister Erdogan said that the events occurring in Taksim Square are changing in its purpose and style. In the past two weeks, Turkey, especially in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, the different demonstrations occurred in different dimensions... I would like to repeat an important and useful point; we, as AK Party, were always sensitive in reading, analyzing and understanding the events. We have reached these days by accurately reading the results of the polls and elections. I would like take your attention that when we saw from those results that we'll successful, we put ourselves in place of losers, not in place of victorious. [Aksam Newspaper, / 11.06.2013]


As it is known, recently Turkey is busy with Gezi Park demonstrations. A group of people has started a demonstration to protest government's decision on removing Gezi Park in Taksim Square in Istanbul, then it has increased after harsh intervention of security forces, then it has become a known issue all over the world. It is clear that the colonialist powers do not desire any uproot in Turkey similar to Arab Spring which is going on as a dreadful crisis in Syria. Especially America does not want any crisis in Turkey. As Erdogan was saying at the beginning of the demonstrations: "We have taken our decision and we will not give up implementing it." But after a while he has softened his attitude and tried to calm down the anger after increasing its impact. Because the colonialist Kuffar and their agent Erdogan have become afraid of these events happening while they couldn't be able to solve the crisis in Syria and implement their deceptive projects for Arab Spring as they hope. We know very well that the demands of demonstrations are not real and revolutional demands which will solve the problem in Turkey in the perfect sense. But Colonialist Kuffar, especially USA and Turkish government are fearing from the sincere opposition in Syria who are resisting against Assad's cruel regime for more than two years and showing great successes, and they are going forward step by step towards Khilafah project, by rejection any other projection. So they are fearful from any uprising in Turkey parallel to this Islamic project and any demands to account rulers' treachery against Islam and Muslims, especially those in Syria.

For this reason, they are always trying to comment on any events as a democratic right or freedoms or any other toxic capitalist thoughts via their classical media and social media. Erdogan is fearful from the participation of conservative Muslim social groups into the demonstrations, but when he became aware that the demonstrations consist of secular tendencies, and then he calmed down. Even though most of the protesters are members of secular groups, it shows that parts of the people in Turkey want the change, they are concerned about their life and they have demands to meet. We hope Turkey's Muslim people will analyze those demonstrations in a proper way and they will understand no ruler can stand in front of their will, and then they will demand from their rulers to accept Islamic ruling by accounting them because of their deliberate or non-deliberate war against Islam and Muslim, by supporting Western projects, until they will reach their demands under shade of Islamic ruling.

Ramadan Tosun
Wilayah of Turkey

20 Sha'aban 1434

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