Monday, July 01, 2013

Members of the Indonesian Parliament Visit the Treacherous Usurper Jewish Entity

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H. 19 Sha'aban 1434
M. 2013/06/28
No:1434 AH/59
Press Release
Members of the Indonesian Parliament Visit the Treacherous Usurper Jewish Entity

A number of leaders from Indonesia have made a controversial visit to the usurper Jewish entity on the land of the Issra wal Miraj on 27th May through 1 June 2013. This delegation was led by Tantowi Yahya, member of Commission I, Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR). The visit was pre-arranged by the Australian-Jewish Association.
The visit was revealed by several local media including: Republikaonline;;;;; and many others. Afterwards announced the secret meeting, Tuesday, 11 June, to visit the office of the Jewish entity's parliament known as the Knesset. They met with several members of the Jewish entity's parliament.
Tantowi explained that: "This invitation was filed related to the current peace initiative on American Indonesian initiative. As the country with the largest Muslim population, they felt it was important to invite representations from Indonesia. We met with the state officials, parliamentarians, the media, academia, NGOs and ordinary people".
This visit is a disgrace and serves only the interests of America and its allies.
1.   The visit is a betrayal of the Indonesian parliament and of the Muslims in Indonesia and Palestine and to the Muslims throughout the entire world for the following reasons:
a.   The first visit of an Indonesian parliamentarian from the largest Muslim country in the world did not happen by coincidence but according to a premeditated scenario, which was accompanied by major media representatives in Indonesia such as television and newspapers.
b.   It is clear that this visit was of strategic value to the Jewish entity as part of a conspiracy against Islam and Muslims for the future recognition of the Jewish entity by Indonesia.
c.   We therefore ask the Muslims in Indonesia to hold this delegation accountable for this visit; they should be investigated and severely punished to prevent and deter any further contact with the enemy state like the atrocious Jewish entity.
2.   This visit is haram according to Islamic law as its aim is the normalization of political and economic relations with an enemy state that exists upon occupied Muslim land.
3.   We call upon the Muslims to beware of deceptions and plots hatched by America and the Jewish entity to further strengthen the Jewish entity's illegitimate existence, and we remind the Muslims that the so-called Palestinian problem is the Ummah's problem and not only the Palestinian's dilemma and it can only be resolved with the army of the coming Khilafah, Inshallah.

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