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Speech from Hizb ut Tahrir / Wilayah Turkey for the Khilafah Conference in Jakarta

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Speech from Hizb ut Tahrir / Wilayah Turkey for the Khilafah Conference in Jakarta

[Speech by Mr. Mahmut Kar, Head of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah of Turkey, at the Global Khilafah Conference in Jakarta that took place on Sunday, 23 Rajab 1434 H, corresponding to 02 June 2013 CE]
Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

Praise be to Allah, Praise be to Allah Lord of the Worlds, Praise be to Allah that sent His Messenger with guidance and the true religion to be supreme to all other religions, even though the polytheists may hate it, and even though the oppressors may hate it. Praise be to Allah, Who honored the Muslims with the Khilafah, and unified them under the leadership, and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad, the first and most honorable leader of the Islamic state, and upon his family, companions and supporters.

Dear brothers and sisters,

I greet you with the most beautiful greeting, the greeting of Islam, Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmat Allahu wa Barakatu....
I carry with me greetings from the Islamic lands, the cradle of the Khilafah, the last capital of the Ottoman Islamic State, from the beautiful and pure city of Istanbul. I carry with me greetings from Istanbul.
I carry greetings from the children of Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih Khan, who realized the tidings of the Prophet (saw) when it was the capital of Eastern Rome.
I carry with me greetings from the descendants of the Commander Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih Khan, who rose to conquer Istanbul by carrying ships through land and dismantling the chains of the gulf and launching bombs to achieve the honor of realizing the tidings of Allah's Prophet (saw).
Even though it is from far away, I carry greetings from your brothers in the Islamic Aqeedah, your brothers that sincerely love you, that are elatedly and vibrantly watching the impressiveness of your work that sends panic into the hearts of the disbelievers (Kuffar).
I carry with me greetings from all parts of Turkey, from Ankara, Bursa, Adana, Urfa, Diyarbakir, Van, Erzurum, Konya, Adiyaman, Bataman, Gaziantep, Mersin, Hatay, and from Yalova, Izmit and Istanbul.
My Dear Brothers and Sisters!
I come from Istanbul.
I come from Istanbul, the beautiful city of which Allah's Prophet (saw) gave tidings of its conquering.

The Messenger of Allah (saw) said:
"لتفتحن القسطنطينية ولنعم الأمير أميرها، ولنعم الجيش ذلك الجيش"
"Constantinople will be conquered, what an excellent leader is its leader and what an excellent army is its army."
Istanbul remained the center of the Islamic State for almost 400 years, where the Islamic lands were ruled from its capital of Istanbul.
Until the beginning of the twentieth century, when the Khilafah State and its lands were invaded by the Imperial Kafir England with the help of Turkish and Arab traitors.
Up until 89 years ago, on a day like this day, meaning on 28 Rajab 1345 AH, corresponding to March 3 1924 CE, the Khilafah was abolished, where the Ummah's shield was broken on that day the Khaleefah was banished from Istanbul.
So this is Istanbul, the last capital of the Khilafah that has only lived wretched days since that day.
Consequently my dear brothers in Indonesia that is drowning in grief due to the absence of the Khilafah, brothers who are pained due to the abolishment of the Khilafah, despite your being thousands of kilometers away from the center of the Islamic world. Indeed all the Muslims from Indonesia to Morocco are drowning in sadness due to the abolishment of the Khilafah.
All the Muslims, in Turkey as well, have lived with great suffering after the fall of their protective shield - the Khilafah State. Likewise, some of the scholars were executed, such as Sheikh Saeed, who was executed for starting an uprising in the face of the system of Kufr that caused the abolishment of the Khilafah. Similarly, some of the Muslim scholars were banished or humiliated, so they were crushed under heavy rubble and shocks.
Look at how the Egyptians poet Shawki designed poetry around the sadness he felt due to the abolishment of the Khilafah:

Minarets and platforms erupted over you,
And kingdoms and regions wept over you,
India is distressed and Egypt is saddened,
Weeping over you with streaming tears,
And al-Sham asks Iraq and Persia,
Was the Khilafah erased from the Earth?
And all the people opened a funeral,
And sat mournfully lamenting,
Oh Men, for the free man was buried alive,
Was killed without guilt or fault

My dear brothers,
The second worst shock, after the abolishment of the Khilafah, happened with the occupation of the Holy Land by the Jews. We painfully watched the crusaders control this land with dirty games, the land that the leader of the Islamic Ummah, Salahudeen al-Ayoubi, had previously freed and purified.
Look at how Sultan Abdul-Hamid Khan had replied to the Jewish leader Herzl, when in 1919 he suggested paying money to the Ottoman Khilafah State in exchange for the Holy Land.
"If the Islamic Khilafah is one day destroyed then they will be able to take Palestine without a price. But while I am alive, I would rather push a sword into my body than see the land of Palestine severed and given away from the Islamic State. This will not be."
Unfortunately, the first country to recognize this Jewish entity that occupied this land was the secular Turkish Republic that was established on the ruins of Abdul-Hamid's Khilafah.
Sadly as well, Turkey is the country that allowed America to occupy Iraq and Turkey is also the country that America used as a ground corridor to enter its troops into Iraq.
Likewise, Turkey is also the country that at the present time agreed with the United States and the Western countries to prevent the establishment of the Khilafah state in Syria.

Dear brothers and sisters!
We thank Allah, the Lord of the worlds, that Hizb ut Tahrir was founded under the leadership of the eminent scholar of the distinguished personality, Sheikh Taqiuddin al-Nabahani, after we had experienced the two great shocks that shook the Muslims - the abolishment of the Khilafah and the occupation of the lands of Palestine. Thus, Hizb ut Tahrir has undertaken the work of a campaign of revival to reestablish the Khilafah state, of whose return there are tidings.
Since that day Hizb ut Tahrir has been the only hope of the Islamic Ummah, that exposes all the Kaffir's plots, and the nightmare that haunts them in their beds. It is Hizb ut Tahrir that shows the Ummah the betrayal of the treacherous governments, it is Hizb ut Tahrir that calls to the right the communities and leaders that insist on the wrong, and Hizb ut Tahrir that calls to nothing but good and fears none but Allah, and Hizb ut Tahrir is the party that seeks goodness behind its aim.
Likewise, Hizb ut Tahrir realizes that the only salvation for the Ummah is the establishment of the Khilafah State, and that the Islamic Ummah has provided the support and assistance to Hizb ut Tahrir in the revival campaign that it started.
What about the Kuffar? ... They have lost their minds from the return of the Islamic Ummah to its origins. They have become distraught. They have seen the crumbling of Western thought, so they rose like hungry wolves attacking the Islamic lands to prevent the awakening of the Muslims. Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Somalia, Kashmir, Chechnya, Bosnia, and Syria... They have exploited the resources of the Islamic lands and made the countries as agents and controlled them through the loans that they grant them. The only aim of all these occupations and colonization is to prevent the establishment of a new Khilafah state in the Islamic territories.
Despite all of these policies of occupation and exploitation, and despite the pressure by the treacherous governments, and despite the propaganda of malignant ideas like democracy and moderate Islam, despite all that the Muslims have awakened and risen and took to the squares, until they reached the palaces of the dictatorial governments, until they opposed all the tyrant (Taghout) regimes whether they were moderate or not.
The Muslims, pushed by their connection to Islam and its holiness, took to the streets and marched when the Prophet (saw) was insulted. The occupied lands have been irrigated with the blood of the martyrs. And the Muslims who want an Islamic Khilafah have reached in the hundreds of thousands, in fact millions. They took to the streets chanting: The people want an Islamic Khilafah! There is no God but Allah, and the Khilafah is Allah's promise!

My Dear Brothers and Sisters!
This confrontation, lasting 100 years, between Islam and the Kafir West has moved to a point where the confrontation has become a global confrontation. This confrontation is a difficult confrontation that has lasted 14 centuries, between Islam and Kufr. This confrontation is the confrontation between the political parties that are integrated with the democratic system and funded by the West and made up of agent rulers, and the Muslims who work for an Islamic Khilafah in the face of the "Moderate Islam" and "Democratic Islam" that is sought to be implemented.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters!
There absolutely is no strength strong enough to stand before the Muslims' course towards the Khilafah; this is because there is no longer an alternative idea or system that the Kuffar can use to replace the collapsing capitalist ideology.
And humanity no longer believes in the ability of any ideology other than Islam to provide it with well being and tranquility.
Likewise the Kuffar and the rulers of the Islamic lands who are loyal to the West use the idea of "Moderate Islam" and "Democratic Islam" to distract the Muslims and hypnotize them for many more long years before the Muslims dominate their lives, before the establishment of the Khilafah state.
And the United States and the West work to peddle this project via Turkey to the Middle East and Central Asia.
So they call for the absence of a system of government specific to Islam, and thus the ability to rule with Islam and democracy simultaneously. And they work to hypnotize the Muslims with the marketing of this idea at the hands of their collaborators.
Likewise they have ruled the Islamic lands for many years using the dictators.
And when they saw the awakening of the Muslims and the collapse of the dictators they started to understand the meaning of fear and worry. So they supported the Islamists that adopt the democratic system, and transferred them to power in place of the collapsed dictators. In Turkey, they transferred the Islamists to power after the Kemalist dictator. As for Tunisia, they stole the Muslims' revolution after the collapse of the secularist Zein al-Abideen, and supported the democratic Islamists headed by Rashid al-Ghanoosh. And in Egypt they oriented the revolution and supported another democratic Islamist, Muhammad Mursi, after the dictator Mubarak had made the people of Egypt cried tears of blood for 40 years.  Likewise in Libya, they supported the moderates after they exploited their resources.
And they pointed to Turkey as a model while they perpetuated this against the Islamic people and lands. And they pointed to the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan as a model as well.
And the Prime Minister of the Turkish Republic, Erdogan, spends night and day propagating democracy to the Islamic lands, and when he went to the Egypt free of the dictator, he indicated the need for it to adopt secularism, as he said that democracy is from Islam.
And in Syria while he claims to support the people in their confrontation against the murderer Bashar al-Assad, he also indicates his support of the establishment of a democratic Syria.
And while Muslims took to the streets in the Islamic lands to express their reaction to the film that insulted Allah's Prophet (saw), the Muslims in Turkey remained silent. When the Prime Minister was asked about the absence of a reaction from the Turkish people, he answered, "In the last past 10 years, extremes have been curbed and we acted like a lightning rod."

My Dear Brethren!
The Muslims in the Islamic lands chant in squares about their wanting an Islamic State and Khilafah only, and not for democracy.  The Tunisian public wants an Islamic Khilafah, the Egyptian public wants an Islamic Khilafah, the Yemeni public wants an Islamic Khilafah, and the Syrian public wants an Islamic Khilafah....
And what do you want, democracy? Or an Islamic Khilafah?
The Islamic Ummah, with its awakening and this revolutionary movement that it started, showed the world: That democracy, that is considered the cap of Islam and model of Kufr initiated by Turkey, has no place in the Islamic lands. And after the Ummah's awakening every sighted person sees this.

Oh Brothers!
The awakening of the Muslims and this revolution reminds the Kuffar of the slap of Abdul Hamid to the Jews who offered to buy the land of Palestine. This slap showed them that Palestine is not for sale. Currently the slap that the revolution achieved showed that this land is not suitable for democracy and the plots of Imperialism.

Our People in Indonesia!
The movement of the awakening that had been started by Hizb ut Tahrir 60 years ago, and your beneficial works in the past and present, and the Khilafah Revolution that started in the lands of al-Sham, have breathed into the body of the Muslims a new spirit of hope once again.
And especially in us, the Muslims of Turkey, for it extended us with vitality with the addition of more movement atop of our movement and effort atop of our movement.
The calls of the Amir of Hizb ut-Tahrir, the eminent scholar Ata Bin Khalil Abu Al-Rashtah, and his statements giving tidings of the Khilafah, Allah willing, and his call for the unification, cooperation, and solidarity of the Muslims and to not to adhere to anything other than Allah's rope, has increased the hope of the entire Islamic Ummah. And the advice of the sincere leader, Ata Bin Khalil Abu Al-Rashtah, to the Muslims to resist and seek help from Allah and not from the Kuffar, has intensified their patience and steadfastness.

My Honorable Brothers and Sisters!
May Allah bless you in this work and save it from any calamity and cunning plot.
May Allah crown this work of yours with the Khilafah State that Islam and its people will be honored by and by which Kufr and its people will be humiliated.
May Allah bless us in the Syrian Revolution and protect it from every cunning conspiracy.
May Allah seal the Syrian Revolution with the Khilafah State that Islam and its people will be honored by and Kufr and its people shall be humiliated.
((وَيَوْمَئِذٍ يَفْرَحُ الْمُؤْمِنُونَ * بِنَصْرِ اللَّهِ يَنْصُرُ مَنْ يَشَاءُ وَهْوَ الْعَزِيزُ الرَّحِيمُ))
"And that day the believers will rejoice. In the victory of Allah. He gives victory to whom He wills, and He is the Exalted in Might, the Merciful."

The last of our Prayers, Praise is for Allah Lord of the World

Wassalamu Alaykum wa Rahmat Allahu wa Barakatu...
23 Rajab 1434

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