Sunday, August 18, 2013

Book: The Son: With his Father & Mother by Sheikh Yusuf Baadarani - Now Available

The English translation of the excellent book by Sheikh Yusuf Baadarani is now available to purchase online from here.

Both the paperback and Kindle versions are available. 

The Sheikh was born during late thirties of past century, to engage so early in the political work targeting the revival of the Muslim Ummah and saving her from the neckband of colonialism, through the full liberation of everything that does not relate to its Islam. He was a student of Sheikh Taqiuddin an-Nabhani (rh). He authored many intellectual, political and Islamic books that illustrate the standards and measures of deep objective research, as dictated by the norms of looking after the truth in any topic. The following are some of his other books:

- "The Family, A Castle Shielded by Allah and His Messenger" in two parts, in Arabic, translated also into English and Turkish.
- "Europeans Hatred of Islam, A Conspiracy in Its Second Millennium" in Arabic, translated also into English, French, and Italian.
- "Christianity, A Roman Political Scheme" in Arabic, translated also into English, and French.
- "Hijacking The World, An American Plan" in Arabic, translated also into English, and French.
- "The Black Hole in the Intellect of Western Philosophy" in Arabic translated also into English
- "The Choice of Heaven and Hell in the Philosophy of Democracy" in Arabic, translated also into English.
- "Crisis of Western Intellect" in Arabic and English.

Sheikh Badarani is from the city of Beirut, Lebanon and is a member of Hizb ut-Tahrir.

You can read an extract from the English from the book 'The Son - With his Father and Mother' from

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