Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Saudi King spends millions to fight against Islam

News agencies have reported that the Saudi King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz intends to donate $100 million to the United Nations to support the 'Centre of combating' what they call 'Terrorism'. In a speech given by the King on the occasion of Eid ul-Fitr he said: 'I announce the giving of $100 million to support the work of this centre operating under the Umbrella of the United Nations'. This was according to the Saudi News Agency and in addition the King called the 'International Community' to support the 'Centre' to get rid of what he called: 'The forces of hatred, extremism and criminality'.
And prior to this Saudi had signed an agreement with the UN in the year 2011 to establish this 'Centre' and gave an amount of $10 million for its creation. And it is worth noting that the King of Saudi himself was the original owner of the idea to create this centre. He suggested it first in 2005 and made combating 'terrorism' one of his priorities.
The adoption by the Saudi King of the idea of combating 'terrorism' and creating international centres to take care of this is only the adoption of an American western idea and no one can argue in respect to it being an imported idea from outside that emanates from the America and the West as a tool to fight against Islaam, divide the unity of the Muslims, to give justification to military invasions and attacks upon the Islamic lands and to instigate internal divisions and war between the Muslims themselves.
So the King whilst adopting this is only playing the role of a bird that repeats what the West markets in terms of slogans that are hostile to Islaam and the Muslims and as such joins the ranks of the enemies of Islaam who plot and plan schemes against it, harbouring evil sentiments and conspiring against it.
And this misguided King does not find it sufficient to merely market this idea with all of his spite and energy alone, but rather in addition he spends huge amounts of money in its cause, the like of which if spent upon the poor and needy of the Ummah would lead to there being no one left from the Muslims in poverty.
And on this occasion in his comment the King used descriptions in his language that none except the enemies of Islaam use when he said: 'The forces of hatred, extremism and criminality'. If only this King was to define for us specifically who exactly these forces are precisely? Or does he fear in the labels that he uses in the face of the dominant public opinion that supports Islaam in Najd, Al-Hijaaz and the rest of the Islamic lands?!
And it is known in a manner that cannot be hidden from anybody that the movements and Islamic parties that are striving to implement the Islamic legislation, establish the Islamic Khilafah State and which calls for the declaration of Jihaad in the way of Allah against the disbelieving enemies of the Ummah. It is not hidden from anybody that these are those whom he means when he says 'Forces' and describes with these descriptions which the west first used to describe them before him.
So where are the 'Ulamaa of Al-Hijaaz and Najd specifically in regards to these heinous crimes which the rulers of the Saudi family commit against the Ummah day and night? Why do they not issue statements in regards to them and we don't hear from them a sound? This is whilst the media and satellite stations fill their daily programmes with their repetitive and boring sermons!
It is from the most important of obligations upon the Ummah today to face those agent rulers who follow America and the West and to exposes their intentions and this will not happen unless there is an uprising against them, a comprehensive uprising by igniting the revolution against them and so that the earth is shaken from under their feet.
It is a duty upon the Ummah to work from this moment with a means at their disposal to bring their rule down and to remove the influence and designs of their masters (in the west) from the land of the Haramain and the rest of the Islamic lands and to give the people a respite and room to breathe from the acts of evil and treachery against them.
Written for the radio of the Central media office of Hizb ut Tahrir by Abu Hamzah Al-Khatawaani.
8th Shawaal 1434

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