Sunday, September 29, 2013

What can be learned from the Westgate Attack?

Following the attack on the Westgate Mall in Nairobi which killed tens of people and injured hundreds more, we in Hizb ut Tahrir East Africa, the political party whose ideology is Islam are shocked and sad-dened by this event and would like to highlight the following issues:
Firstly, the attack has clearly shown the deterioration of security in Kenya. Before this attack, we had witnessed the killing of citizens in various areas like Mandear, Bungoma and Garissa. Also, for residents of major towns in Kenya, it is normal to be harassed by criminals on a daily basis. This is an evidence of failure by the security apparatus to protect the public. Most people are questioning that if the step the government took in sending its troops to Somalia in the Linda Nchi operation was intended to ensure security in the coun-try, then why are such attacks happening? Certainly, the Hizb views that the step was taken under political pressure from western governments especially Britain and America which aimed at installing their agents in Somalia so as to plunder its resources and enhance all manner of evils.
Secondly, major media organizations changed the face of the event. It had earlier been reported that the attack was undertaken by gangsters but after several hours, the story was changed to a terrorist attack after Al-Jazeera reported that Al-Shabaab had claimed responsibility. This has clearly shown that Westerners con-trol major media organizations and use them to tarnish Islam and create hatred between Muslims and non-Muslims. This is dangerous as it is easy to plunge the country into religious violence. It is clear from this that according to the media killings done by some Muslims are terrorism but when done by non-Muslims, it is not linked to religion or called terrorism. It reminds us of the attack in July 2012 that killed 42 police officers in Baragoi which was never associated with terrorism by the press. The Hizb states that all terrorism and acts of thuggery are against Islam. However, the West has given the term 'terrorism' a special meaning that suits them. Anyone who is against the interests of Capitalists is branded a terrorist. Evidence for this is that Britain branded Mau Mau fighters as terrorists because they opposed the injustices of the British colonialists. Like-wise, as Islam is an ideology that clashes with the Capitalist ideology, it follows that all Muslims who op-pose injustices and corruption of the evil Capitalist ideology even if only by words are branded terrorists.
Thirdly, from this attack, it has exposed the lies by Western leaders who pretend to cry crocodile tears for the deaths of women and children while their hands are dripping with the blood of millions of women, chil-dren and elderly in countries like Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, etc. These leaders are the ones who patronize and give permission to their puppets in Muslim countries to use chemical weapons against the public as is being done by their puppet Bashar Al-Assad of Syria. Another of their hypocrisy is while Kenyans are congregating in several centers to donate blood to help the injured, these leaders are urging their citizens to avoid crowded areas and not to leave their houses because of security reasons. They therefore care for the security of their citizens and not that of Kenyan citizens. Also, they are issuing travel advisories to their citizens that because of lack of security, they should not enter Kenya while at the same time not issuing advisories to close their Multinationals which continue to plunder Kenyan resources.
In conclusion, the Hizb states that terrorism is another scapegoat by the West to enter Africa including Kenya to plunder its resources. Their Capitalist ideology has failed to bring peace and security in the whole world. This ideology which divides people along party, religious and tribal lines will continue to destabilize peace as currently witnessed in the world. The main objective of the 'war on terror' is to stop the rise of Islam to lead the world as an ideology which is a complete way of life and a solution to all mankind's problems. For 13 centuries, Islam ruled and succeeded in spreading peace, security and uniting society without regard for religion, race, tribe or status.
Shabani Mwalimu
Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in East Africa
Wednesday 19th Dhul Qi'ddah 1434 AH
25/09/2013 CE
REF: 18 / 1434 AH


chaoscontrol said...

where can i ask a question to sheikh abu rashta?

Anonymous said...

As salamu Walaikum,
This is very useful for the ummah. Zajakallah Khair

One Question:
There is a difference of opinion in keeping photos (by camera) or images (by drawing)in home. Drawing images of animal is not allowed. Hanging these are also not allowed. In hadith it is said that, in which house there are images, angel will not enter there.

Keeping where? only at wall or even at private album for memory just?

Please brother answer me. I have a situation of that.