Saturday, November 23, 2013

Imran Khan – A New Jockey for America's Horse, Democracy

The desire for real change is stronger than ever before in Pakistan. The people desire the end of the crippling American influence and a return to Islam. More and more people realize that democracy itself is responsible for the American influence and is an obstacle to the return to Islam. A golden chance arises for politicians who would come forward with a strong agenda grounded in Islam. However, politicians who adhere to democracy are never going to change the status quo. They may play to the desires of the people but they will never deliver what they promise through democracy. Thus they offer nothing new or any real change to the corrupt Kayani-Sharif regime. And post-elections, Imran Khan is proving that hope in his party is no hope at all.
As a democrat, seeking his way into the current set-up, Imran Khan, like others before him, depends on seasoned democrats who have secured American interests for years. This is why the party of Imran Khan has made room for Sardar Asif Ahmed Ali, Khursheed Mahmood Qusuri and Shah Mahmood Qusuri, all ex-foreign ministers who furthered American interests whilst they were in ruling. Such foreign ministers of Pakistan are appointed after close vetting by US officials and lawmakers and once a go-ahead is given by the US State Department. They have been the trusted agents of the America and are essential for future implementation of American plans. Khursheed Qasuri was Musharraf's foreign minister and was defender of the war of terror throughout his tenure. He was the architect of the Kashmir sell out plan in the name of "self-governance." He famously remarked that India and Pakistan have reached a settlement of Kashmir and only 4-5 people are aware of the final shape of the plan. As a democrat he proved his loyalty to America and treachery to Muslims. And Shah Mahmood Quraishi played a similar role. It is ironic that upon his appointment in the foreign ministry that Imran Khan's party itself raised objection. Shireen Mazari, a staunch nationalist, then in PTI, remarked that the "American dream team" has settled in the foreign ministry. And Sardar Assef has been no different. The inclusion of American agents in Imran Khan's party is no surprise as anyone who seeks power in democracy must prove their capability to secure colonialist interests.
Increasing the chances of coming to power means that in addition to seasoned American men there are other politicians who will follow these agents for cheap personal interest. Such vision-less "lota" politicians from the PPP, PML-N and Musharraf's former party, the PML-Q, have joined the party of Imran Khan. About 30 politicians from PML-Q including Awais Leghari, Jamal Leghari, Ghulam Sarwar Khan and Sikandar Hayyat Khan Bosan have joined the PTI. The English daily The News has produced a report stating, "Names of the establishment's Q-Leaguers who joined the PTI in last few months have already been published in national press, show that more than 90 percent of the new entrants in Lahore, Chakwal and all other major cities of Punjab are known Musharraf's men." Former foreign minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, has been made Vice-chairman of the PTI. The inclusion of such people is a clear indication that the economic and foreign policy will remain unchanged. The stage is set for America, her men and corrupt yes-men within the political and military leadership to work with Imran, ensuring their interests are preserved.
Of course the people sense that something is wrong as they have been bitten many times before by democracy. Indeed, Imran Khan's inclusions were met with opposition even from his party workers. Imran Khan was forced to promise his party workers that tickets will not be awarded to these "corrupt" but "electable" politicians, in an effort to appease them. But these were merely words and the reality is that the party of Imran Khan is now a stable for America's horses. Then Imran was reduced to consoling the workers by asking them to ignore what has happened and look forward to the elections. But, once the Imran Khan party won in the province of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, the American jockeys were prominent.
So it is inevitable that Imran Khan will never be able to deliver upon his election promises. The US Ambassador described democracy as its horse and any one who sits atop of it is merely a jockey. Now that Imran Khan is in ruling in KPK it can be clearly seen. Take education as an example. Previously Imran Khan said that he will impose an education emergency allocating 4% GDP to education, once they form the government. Now, after the formation of government in KPK, Imran Khan broke his promise and added the pension and salaries budget to the education budget so that he can claimed that the education budget has been raised manifold. Though in reality it was raised from 65 to 66 billion rupees only. So much for his tall claims on education. As for self-reliance and economic independence from America, Imran Khan claimed to work for self-reliance of the government and always called against US loan and grants. However, currently KPK is largest recipient of the USAID (500 million dollar) and the KPK budget specifies a significant sum to be collected from foreign donors (35 billion rupees). As for breaking of promises regarding drone attacks and the NATO supply line. It is Imran Khan's provincial government who, instead of stopping the supply line, is providing security to the American and NATO containers which contain weapons, explosives, wine, pork, oil and other supplies for Western forces on Muslim Lands. Thus Imran Khan, like Zardari and Nawaz Sharif, is actually the "chowkidar" of the American war supply. Security to the NATO supply is secured by KPK police, which is directly under the provincial government. Not a single step was taken to obstruct it. Contrast this to Imran Khan's pre-election stance. He held a protest "dharna" where he was bent upon stopping it, when he was not in power. Regarding drone attacks, Imran Khan now seeks refuge behind "It's a federal issue", when he raised no such excuse during elections as he competed for power in KPK.
As if this were all not enough to raise alarm bells in the minds of those who are setting themselves up for more disappointment through democracy, consider Imran's stance on India. Imran Khan fully endorses all American position on Kashmir. Imran Khan lend full support to "Aman ki Asha" for the Akhand Bharat project in which the Hindus will secure dominance over Muslims through a Greater India. Imran Khan supports the "self governance" to carve up and sell off Kashmir. Imran Khan wants to sideline Kashmir, calling for "putting Kashmir on back burner". Imran Khan condemns armed resistance to brutal Indian occupying forces as "terrorism." Compare this to his stance before snuggling up to America. In 9th June 2002, Imran khan said, "Any deviation from the stated stance on the right of self-determination for the people of Kashmir would not guarantee peace in the region on a long-term basis." He also said, "if the freedom struggle by Tamil Tigers, the Palestinians and the Chechens could not be suppressed despite the use of military might, the indigenous freedom movement of Kashmiri people can also go on indefinitely in spite of Indian army's repressive actions and pressures applied by the international community."
As for Afghanistan, Imran Khan openly announced in his Lahore Jalsa that he will support "US exit plan" from Afghanistan, a plan designed by Obama as a cover for retaining a permanent US presence in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Under this plan American will maintain 20,000 soldiers and 100,000 security contractor (another name for soldiers) in nine bases in Afghanistan and around 7,000 Raymond Davis network agents in the world's second largest American embassy in Islamabad. Interestingly, Imran Khan never objected to the "mini-Pentagon" US embassy in the heart of our capital. And that is why the then US ambassador Cameron Munter, in his interview to BBC on 10th July, 2012, disclosed; "I have met Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif both, and both have assured me that they are pro-American."
As a democrat, Imran Khan has allowed himself to be used by America's small club of agents embedded within our political and military leadership. Till 2011, US was interested in an operation on both sides of the border (under the famous Obama "surge" plan). And then after the end of 2011, US wanted to cut deals across the borders with "moderate" Taliban to secure a partial withdrawal, leaving behind a permanent US presence. And to create environment in the favor these talks traitors in the military leadership, particularly General Kiyani, and Ahmed Shuja Pasha cut a deal with Imran Khan. Subsequently, Imran Khan met with the US ambassador in General Pasha's presence and then visited the US State Department to agree on details. And then Imran Khan was launched to build him as America's new jockey. Media coverage was showered on PTI. Even the preparation of their gatherings was being covered 24/7 on private channels, what to talk about the gatherings.
In all, Imran Khan "change" agenda is similar to the "change" agenda advocated by Obama in the US, whereby, certain operational changes to achieve the very same goal were packaged as "change agenda". Imran Khan is no different. His "change" agenda is the same liberal market capitalist ideology as was successively followed by all the rulers of Pakistan. Fiat currency, interest based economy, privatization, imposing cruel taxes on all the population, western liberties, symbolic Islamic injunctions to appease the religious masses, subjugating international relation to imperialist UN and interest of the superpower (as will be explained later in the article) and other capitalist colonial agenda.
Thus Imran Khan has squandered and wasted any chance of good standing for himself and good for this nation, just like Nawaz Sharif, Zardari, and Kayani. Now those who still have not woken up are defensive saying that Imran Khan "may have problem" but "he is better than others." Its time to wake up!
Imran Khan will only be supported by America and its men as long as he fits the US plan. And he will be thrown off the horse of democracy when he sidesteps like Morsi in Egypt. Muslims must understand that Islam is the only salvation of the Muslims. Any partial solution of mixing Islam with other ideologies is bound to fail. Moreover, democracy is a system that binds even the sincere one to falsehood and corruption. It forces the sincere politician to compromise on principals and Islam. It forces compromises and does not allow enough power to an individual or party to make the changes that our Deen mandates. Islamic system is Khilafah, a system designed by the supreme where Muslims gives bayaa' of obedience to one Ameer under the condition that we will obey you as long as you implement Islam over us. The elected men and women of the Council of the Ummah are a key check to ensuring this.
When we have an Islamic system that encompasses all the affairs of the life – Khilafah- why should we be fooled by those who cling to American and its idol democracy? Khilafah is the only system that will liberate the Ummah and not the western Kufr system of democracy. Only the Khilafah can secure the rights of education and security for its citizens, regardless of their race, gender or religion, as it did for centuries previously. Indeed the world's elite used to flock to the Khilafah for education and it was a sanctuary for the world's refugees. Only politicians who base their policies, agenda, constitution and ruling upon the firm foundation of Quran and Sunnah represent a hope for this Ummah.
Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Talha Zubayr

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