Sunday, January 12, 2014

Audio: The Blessed Land of al-Sham

The brother begins by quoting ayahs from the Quran and then ahadith regarding the nature of the blessed land of al-Sham.

The current situation of Syria under the tyrannical regime of Bashar Al-Assad is explained, highlighting one of the most recent atrocities, the death of Dr Abbas Khan. He then explains the responsibility of the Muslims living in the West towards the Muslims living in al-Sham, as well as what the response of the Muslim should be towards Western interventions, relating it to the agenda of the West.

He then explains the reality of the Syrian National Council (SNC) and the true nature of the rulers of the Muslim world before narrating a beautiful story of a man who travelled to al-Sham for the purpose of distributing Zakah, but came back having witnessed the fulfilment of a hadith of the Prophet Muhammed (saw). The intentions and nature of many of the brigades in Syria are then explained since this information has recently been warped by the media.

He ends by defining the true solution for Syria, removing any misconceptions regarding it. It is the solution given to us by Allah and implemented by His Messenger that will revive the Ummah.

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