Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sheikh Taqiuddin an-Nabhani & General Glubb Pasha

By Abdul Khaaliq ‘Abdoun

Abu Ghazi (Fathi Saleem) may Allah’s mercy be upon him told me about a discussion that took place between him and an intermediary that the English General Glubb sent to the honourable Sheikh Taqiy ud Deen An-Nabhani (rh) in order to win him over to the British interests.

The intermediary said to Abu Ghazi: When the British sensed the danger of Sheikh Taqiy ud Deen (rh) Glubb sent me to him carrying an oral message in which Glubb praised him and his efforts towards his people and that he was inviting him to cooperate with him and that as a result of his material desires would be met.

The intermediary then said: The Sheikh asked me: Is that everything? I said: Yes. So he told me to take his answer back: That the English are the ones who made us arrive at where we are now, they are the ones who divided the State and dissected it after it had been one State. And they are the ones who brought their agent rulers into existence who take care of their (The British) systems and laws...

The intermediary said: And the Sheikh spoke for a long time that dazzled me and convinced me and I had not heard the like of it through the entirety of my life.

The Sheikh then concluded his speech by saying: Ya Akhi say to the one who sent you to me: The seeds of the orange and the crumbs from the bread suffice me more than all of the British wealth combined.
The intermediary said: This speech had a great affect upon me and I saw the greatness of the Sheikh, his knowledge and the sincerity he had towards his Ummah.

I then returned to Glubb and informed him of the Sheikhs rejection.

Upon hearing this Glubb wanted to dispose and get rid of him and so he sent me to the foreign minister at that time (Haashim Al-Juyoosiy) to arrange a dinner that Sheikh Taqiy ud Deen (rh) would attend. They appointed me to invite the Sheikh to dinner and I realised that they intended to kill him so when I met with the Sheikh I told him about the dinner and so he rejected the invitation. I then went to Glubb and informed him about the rejection and so he (Glubb) ordered that the Sheikh be placed under house arrest in his place of residence in Al-Quds. Then when I sensed the determination to get rid of the Sheikh due to my closeness to the conspirators and so I told the Sheikh that the people are conspiring against you to kill you and that I recommend that you leave the country and that I will take you personally to the border. So I actually took him with my car to the Syrian border.

Abu Ghazi (rh) said that this man (the intermediary) asked me to not mention his name but he is trustworthy and I have no doubt in regards to al that he said.

May Allah’s mercy be upon Sheikh Taqiy, how he was fearful of Allah and pure!

The picture is of the house where Sheikh Taqiy (rh) had lived in at that time.

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