Saturday, March 15, 2014

Do you know what this number represents?

Nine hundred and eighty-seven billion and five hundred million Dollars (987500000000). This is the amount that the Arab rulers have spent on arming themselves between 2004 and 2013.

If this amount which the rulers have spent on arms was divided amongst the inhabitants of the Arab lands then each individual would obtain 3000 Dollars and so a family of six for example would receive what amounts to 18,000 Dollars.

In these last ten years the Arabs have not launched any wars and they did not liberate Palestine as they claim they intend to. Rather we have seen in these years the participation of these rulers in the division of Sudan in addition assisting in the wars that America launched upon the Ummah in Iraq, Afghanistan and Shaam.

The number of victims in these last ten years including those killed, injured and driven from their homes numbers 10 million in the Arabic lands alone.

The Zionist attack upon the Iraqi nuclear site took place by passing through the air space of Jordan and Saudi and their weapons were not used against any of these enemy war planes. The Zionist state also aggressed against the sons of the Ummah in Egypt, Syria and Palestine and in each and every time the response of the rulers was: ‘That they will not be lured into a war in which they have not specified the time or place’!!

If they do not use these weapons against the supposed enemy of the Ummah which is the Zionist entity, then why all of this spending upon arming themselves?

The truth of the matter that has been confirmed in front of our eyes is that these weapons are used against the very same people that were starved and had their money taken from them so that the cost for these weapons could be paid for.

This 987.5 billion dollars taken from the wealth of the Muslims has been used to pump life into the western markets to revive its economy and create thousands of jobs and it represents an injection provided by the Muslim rulers to the west to keep them afloat.

Has the time not come to put a stop to this tragic farce and is it not obligatory upon the Ummah to awaken and stand up against these ruling Sufahaa (foolish criminals) until they finish the Ummah and its wealth.

Jaabir Bin ‘Abdullah (ra) related that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said to Ka’b Bin ‘Ujrah:

“I seek refuge in Allah for you from the leadership of the Sufahaa (foolish criminals). They are rulers who will come after me who are not guided by my guidance and do not follow the way of my Sunnah. So whoever affirms them in their lies and assists them in their Zhulm (oppression) then they are not from me and I am not from them. And they will not be presented to my Hawd (water basin in Jannah) and whoever does not affirm them in their lies and did not assist them in their oppression then they are from me and I am from them and they will approach my Hawd”.

And Ka’b (ra) said that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said:

“There will be leaders after me who will act in other than obedience to Allah and so whoever participates in their actions and assists them upon their oppression then they are not from me and I am not from them. And whoever does not participate in their actions and has not assisted them in their oppression then they are from me and I am from them”.

Doctor Yasser Saber

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