Monday, June 23, 2014

Clarification of false concept: Establish the Islamic State in yourself and then it will be established upon the earth.

Ash-Sheikh Issam ‘Ameera Abu Abdillah from his facebook page.

A clarification of the false concept that keeps people away from the correct work: ‘Establish the Islamic State in yourself and then it will be established upon the earth’.

When we the call people to the Fard of working to establish the Khilafah some of them reply in an extremely shallow way: ‘Establish it in yourself first’.

Those who say this have in fact adopted the capitalist viewpoint of society as they have viewed the society as being merely composed of a collective of individuals. Based on this they adopt the view: ‘Reform the individual and then the society will be reformed’. The truth of the matter however is that the reformation or correction of the individual lead only to the reformation of individuals whilst it has no relationship to the reformation of the society. This is because the society is not only a collective of individuals but rather it is individuals who have permanent relations that bind them together. As such correcting the relationships is what leads to the correction of the society. These relationships are the collection of thoughts and sentiments which are guarded (and maintained) by the System (regime). Therefore if the System was Islamic guarding and safeguarding the Islamic thoughts and sentiments it would represent a Muslim society and even if the majority of its individuals were non-Muslims. If however the System was a system of Kufr (disbelief) guarding non-Islamic sentiments and thoughts then the society would be non-Islamic and even if the majority of its individuals were Muslim!! As such the most important colouring that distinguishes the society is the System. So for instance when Russia applied socialism upon the people the society became socialist or communist despite the fact that the people did not believe in communism. Similarly (many) people in the West hate the ideals of capitalism and despite this the society is capitalist. This is the first point.

Secondly: The State is not sentimental or emotional bursts that can be established within a person!! Rather the State is an executive entity upon the earth and could never ever reside within the Nafs. This is because establishing the Islamic State means establishing the institutions of the Islamic State and it means the removal of all of the Systems of Kufr which have burnt the Islamic world in their fire and corruption.

Finally, every Fard has a methodology attached to it and it is not permissible to change it. The obligation of establishing the Islamic State has a methodology that the Messenger of Allah (saw) undertook. This is the methodology that he (saw) proceeded along in the Makkan era and it represents a Hizby work consisting of Da’wah and interaction with the people in addition to seeking the Nusrah. As such the work for the Islamic State is work undertaken within the scope of a Hizb or a Jamaa’ah and it is not the work of the Nafs or a matter that the human has hope in that it will merely coming to pass. This person may believe that he is doing good and the right thing but in reality he is merely sitting back from and abandoning a great obligation.

Therefore the Islamic State will never be established in any other way other than through reaching the rule and through the complete application of Islaam. The Islamic State is an executive entity for the implementation of the Sharee’ah of Islaam and it is to this Fard that I invite you all to undertake and engage in.

Ash-Sheikh Issam ‘Ameera Abu Abdillah from his facebook page.

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