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Political deception: Its reality and its effect upon the Ummah

Political deception: Its reality and its effect upon the Ummah
Hasan Hamdan
The means and styles utilised by the disbelievers in their war against the Muslims have varied since they dealt a decisive blow against their political entity: ‘The Khilafah’. They killed that tender mother leaving her sons afflicted by a great loss and so they lost their political caretaker. Then in order to prevent the Muslims from being able to restore the authority of Islaam and to stop the return of its State the disbelievers found themselves in the greatest need of deceiving and misdirecting the Muslims. This was so that they would not tread the correct path which would lead to change and so the West utilised a wide range of political means and styles to prevent the return of Islaam. Political deception represents the most dangerous of these means.
The reality of political deception is to conceal the political truth (or its true reality), to blot it out and make others blind to it by making prominent other matters that have no relationship to the reality of the policy that is the subject of study or investigation. It leads to the undertaking of huge actions in which lives and souls are expended and towards which efforts and strengths are spent. For its sake slogans and calls are raised whilst through all of this the objective, aim and time are all lost and wasted. All of these actions are spent in the direction of a false and fabricated reality which has no connection or relation to the subject at hand. This is like the example of the doctor who prescribes the incorrect medicine for an ailment and then the patient purchases it and spends his wealth and efforts in that which brings no notable benefit and indeed may even lead to his own destruction.
Kufr (disbelief) doesn’t want its true intent and plan to be revealed so that no arrows are directed towards it or any actions and efforts in regards to it and this is so that it can remain sitting comfortably upon its throne watching over the Ummah’s movement and activity whilst she goes round in continuous cycles and circles which she never escapes from. This is because matters are made to appear to her that have no relationship to what she (really) wants and every time she realises that the path leads to darkness she is then made to enter another dark tunnel which is no less dangerous than the one that preceded it. The Kufr desires through the use of this political deception to remain as it wishes to and to afflict the Ummah with despair and disheartenment whilst being painfully unaware of how to proceed upon the correct path.
In order to make clear the style of the disbelieving west in respect to misleading and deceiving the Ummah of Islaam it is necessary for us to present some matters in which Kufr (disbelief) has practised the most ugly forms of political deception. This is in addition to presenting the results of this use and its effect upon the Islamic Ummah. The following represent some of those examples that stand out the most:
Firstly: The first example that we will look at is that which relates to the liberation of Palestine and what has been called the ‘Axis of Resistance’ (Syria, Iran and their tools). The West has practised the most notorious forms of deception in regards to the issue of Palestine, the land of the Israa’ and Mi’raaj (Night journey and assent to the heavens), as a result of the sensitivity of the issue, its connection to the Jews and due to it being tied to the Aqeedah of the Ummah. The beginning of this and the very first deception that was undertaken was to strip the issue of Palestine from it being a natural and inevitable consequence and result of the loss of the Khilafah. This is in the case where Palestine was opened in the time of the rightly guided Khulafaa’ whilst it was lost after the loss of the Khilafah. It was turned into a nationalistic issue which was specific to the Arabs and then it was turned into a Palestinian issue whilst it became tied to the United Nations and international covenants making them the reference point and path for dealing with the issue instead of Al-Jihaad in the way of Allah. The sight of the people was then attached to organisations and movements which were secular, leftist or nationalistic albeit dressed with an Islamic appearance and covering. They were distracted by material actions which were undertaken to move negotiations forward and manufactured wars which were to designed to bring movement (towards negotiations) but not liberation. They then made the Palestinian Liberation Organisation the sole representative in respect to the issue and so this organisation recognised the Jewish entity and removed from their constitutions anything that was contrary to this recognition. This was followed by entering into treacherous negotiations of betrayal, conferences and disgraceful and humiliating agreements. They spurned the courageous efforts of the Ummah, their lives and wealth in the Oslo agreements whilst they raised slogans like: ‘Take, demand and wait’ adopting a humiliating long and harsh path as a result of deceiving and misdirecting the Ummah from the correct solution. The West then manufactured what was called: ‘The Axis of Resistance’ (Syria, Iran and their tools) to contain any sincere effort and action that was contrary to the Oslo agreements and what emanated from them and was built upon them. These States of resistance were in actuality protectors preventing Palestine from returning to being a part that can’t be separated from the Khilafah State. Indeed these States continued to be the trustworthy guards of the Jewish entity’s security and well-being and when the people of Ash-Shaam (Syria) rose up against the tyrant of Ash-Shaam it was said: ‘If the resistance regime of Asad was to go then there will be no security for the Jewish entity!!’
The second example: Making war Islaam under the name of the ‘War against terrorism’: The disbelieving West has realised that Islaam is an ideology: ‘An Aqeedah and Nizhaam (system)’ and that this ideology mandates the establishment of a political entity that is built upon the Aqeedah of Islaam and implements the Ahkaam of Islaam and the solutions that emanate from this Aqeedah (belief). For this reason the West perceived the power of Islaam and its fortitude in addition to the Muslim’s attachment to it and their strong Imaan in respect to Islaam representing a universal and international Da’wah (invitation). As such the West practised various forms of deception upon the Muslims after officially demolishing the Islamic Khilafah State in the year 1924. It practised this deception in a number of stages: The first of these stages was the stage of promoting its thoughts, beliefs and solutions as if they represented the healing cure. They propagated this through slogans such as: ‘Freedom, justice, equality, the right of participation, the right of determining one’s destiny, the civil State, democracy and the hope of the defeated people’. However this did not last long because of the awareness of the Ummah and due to what they suffered in terms of humiliation and shame as a result of the western practises and their thoughts. This is when they unleashed the Arab nationalist thought, socialism, social justice and made a Deen out of nationalism and Lords out of the leaders of the nationalistic call. However this attempt ended in a bottomless pit and then when the West saw the return of the Ummah’s awakening and awareness upon her Deen it began to promote that its concepts did not contradict Islaam and as a result produced what they called ‘Moderate Islaam’ which meant for them the making a civil State and accepting the other. They did not succeed in this either and the Ummah began to raise the call: ‘The Khilafah and the Raayah (banner) of the Messenger of Allah’. So in response to this they brought the ‘Nonsense Khilafah’ which aided the West to portray a distorted version of Islaam and its thoughts and in particular it provided a distorted picture of the Khilafah. The west then raised the slogan: ‘The war against terrorism’ whilst it fully understands that it is only engaged in a war and battle against Islaam as a thought, a system, an entity and an Ummah. The coalition that America formed has only arisen for the purpose of fighting against the State that is coming and not one that is currently in existence. It is to fight against the Khilafah State that is upon the path of the Prophethood but again in this they will not be successful.
Thirdly: Making Iran appear as an enemy to the United States: The Western States made the ‘Islamic’ revolution in Iran appear as if it was a true and real revolution when it raised the slogan ‘Death to America’ and that it was the ‘Great Shaytaan’ to the extent that the Ummah became taken and enchanted by this revolution. The thrones of the rulers in the region were shaken by the call for the exporting of the revolution and this was despite it being in reality an American revolution which took place against the English Shah who had been ruling at that time. The angles of deception were numerous in this regard and so they made it appear that Iran was a State with independent decision making, independent sovereignty and a possessor of its own ambitions. This lasted until the Gulf war and the occupation of Afghanistan at which time the Iranian decision and policy makers admitted that had it not been for Iran’s assistance America would have drowned in the Afghani quagmire and Iraqi swamp. Then the revolution in Ash-Shaam (Syria) came and Iran (the so-called enemy of the United States) stood side by side with the criminal regime of Al-Asad which was an agent of the United States and Iran became a guardian over the regimes survival providing it with men, weapons and funds. Now you have America taking Iran off the ‘terrorism’ list and requesting that all penalties and sanctions be removed from it in addition to restoring the funds that had been previously frozen. It was then let loose and free in the region in order to secure and realise the American plans and objectives on its behalf in the Gulf, Ash-Shaam (Syria), Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen amongst other areas.
These then are some examples of the western disbeliever’s deception of the Muslims in major and sensitive issues. These are issues which the Islamic Ummah has expended many of its energies and efforts and wasted its time as a result of the political deception. Indeed Islaam has explained clearly the danger of political deception in addition to the obligation of politically exposing the western disbeliever’s plans when Allah (swt) said:
وَكَذَلِكَ نُفَصِّلُ الْآَيَاتِ وَلِتَسْتَبِينَ سَبِيلُ الْمُجْرِمِينَ
And thus do We explain the Aayaat (signs) in detail so that the way of the criminals may become clear (Al-An’aam 55).
The ‘Sabeel’ (way) here mentioned in this Noble Aayah is Nakirah (unspecified) and Mudaafah (added to the Mujrimeen (criminals) and as such it establishes generality which means that it is obligatory upon you O Muslims to make clear and expose the path of the disbelievers in respect to their war against Islaam and the Muslims. It represents an obligation to disclose their plans, expose their conspiracies, to explain the Hukm Ash-Shar’iy based upon a political awareness in respect to the events and to connect them to the Islamic Aqeedah. And how precise and beautiful is that which was related from the Rightly guided Khalifah ‘Umar Ibn Al-Khattaab (ra) when he said: ‘I am not a swindler and no swindler will fool me’ i.e. I am not someone who schemes and deceives and no schemer or deceiver will deceive me.
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