Sunday, March 20, 2016

New books published by MaktabaIslamia

The Book Takattul Hizbi (Structuring of a Party by Shekh Taqiuddin) is no doubt the most honest and unbiased research into the Islamic movements in the past 2 Centuries and their aims, objectives, organisation, activities and the reason and causes for their failure and the lessons to be learnt from their failure. 

Alhamdulillah the Sharh (Explanation & Commentary) of this book by Shekh Hafez Saleh (one of the early pioneers of the Da'wa) is now available in print in English. You can check the book out on the follow link

Another book that Sheikh Taqiuddin Nabhani coauthored with Shekh Ali Raghib in 1958 was Ahkam As-Salah (the Rules of Prayer). Thanks to the efforts of the team behind RevivalPublications, we have been able to bring this amazing book in print. The book is available on the following link

Alwaie magazine is also available in print on MaktabaIslamia. Edition 353 is the latest edition and is available in store. You can check it on the following link

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