Saturday, April 09, 2016

Video: Understanding "Difference of Opinion" in Islam Properly

Sometimes people disagree. That is a fact of life. Sometimes disagreements can be complimentary and can work together, other times one opinion must dominate the other. 

When misunderstood, this topic can lead to unnecessary hostility and friction, or, on the other hand, to unacceptable tolerance and watering down of the truth. How should we approach and understand this issue from the Islamic perspective?

Does Islam allow difference of opinion at all? What about Madhaahib (schools of thought)? Are they a good thing, or are they something that should be eliminated altogether? When should we welcome differences, and when should we shun them?

In this video we discuss the topic of difference of opinion in Islam in a deep and comprehensive manner, identifying the legislative reasoning and limits that Islam places on difference of opinion (called Ikhtilaaf).

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