Monday, June 20, 2016

5 Reasons why the EU Referendum has nothing to do with Islam

5 reasons why the EU Referendum has nothing to do with Islam

(1) The EU Referendum is a debate between globalists and nationalists. The globalists have a neo-liberal agenda that seeks to exploit labour via the single market and the nationalists believe in exploiting labour via the removal of protectionism. The debate is between capitalists, by capitalists for capitalists. It's not an ideological debate but a political difference about how to best exploit cheap labour in which both camps believe in Capitalism.

(2) The immigration and refugee issue is a red herring thats used by nationalists to exploit nationalistic chauvinism. European countries with access to the single market must allow free movement of EU citizens whether in the EU (like the UK) or outside it (like Norway and Switzerland). The refugee crisis has nothing to do with EU membership. The UK is not in the Schengen passport-free travel agreement so there are border checks on migrants. This argument is a desperate attempt to exploit the flaming nationalism of Brits.

(3) Islamophobia is not a far right extremist idea but is the inexorable outcome of state engineered ideological hatred for Islam that exists from the highest echelons of Western states out of fear that Islam can rise as an ideological alternative to Western capitalism. The attack on the Islamic culture is intended to radicalise the Non-Muslim populations against Islam so that draconian legislation can be passed domestically and to act as a casus belli for European foreign policy. Ironically there are more far-right MEPs in the European Parliament than there are British Conservatives and Labour MEPs put together!

(4) The EU Referendum will not fundamentally alter the war on terror paradigm in which Islam is portrayed as the ideological enemy of Western civilization. Do you think the rise of "Islamic terrorism" across Europe is going to tighten security against Muslims or relax them! The next phase of the European project is for political integration which will further securitize Europe, have the Muslim remain camp forgot that the next EU President wants to ban Muslims?

(5) Islam has defined it's system for the world. It's called the Caliphate/Khilafah that existed for over 1300 years. It's based on the Shari'ah and not secular liberal politics that exclude Allah SWT from life. The Prophet PBUH and the Sahabah RA would never engage in the EU debate today just how they stayed out of the politics of Abyssinia.

Overall in this debate, I must say the Muslim remain camp has shown a rudimentary understanding of politics and what the European project is about. Conforming to the status quo is always a trap and some Muslims are being led down a garden path.

Official Version - Kasim Javed

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