Sunday, July 17, 2016

Analysis of Turkey Coup - Ustadh Sa'ed Ridwan

- What is taking place in the land of Shaam is a vital issue for all international and regional parties. That is because the struggle in Shaam is an issue of life and death for the Muslims firstly, Europe secondly, America thirdly and then to all of the other parties. The one who comes out profitable will be the master of the coming stage whilst the loser will we be trodden under the feet and will exit from the international situation lowly and humiliated.

- America has since the launch of the Syrian revolution striven its hardest to marginalise all international parties from interfering in Syria and those who did intervene only did so with the American permission and by its request, the last of which was Russia.

- All American attempts whether political, through negotiations accompanied by the criminal barbaric killing, to apply pressure upon the Syrian revolution so that they accept the American solutions have failed, despite all of the crimes that they have committed against the Syrian people over the last years.

- The Syrian revolution has brought all of the sides into a severe dilemma and particularly America in whose hands are all of the strings of the game.

- America had begun to look towards Turkey as a way out from the crisis and to pass through its plans (project) at the hand of its agent Erdogan who the possessor of Islamic popularity and due to what he holds of acceptance from some of the groups inside Syria. That is particularly after the Iranian role has become unacceptable and the Iranian-Russian alliance cannot possibly succeed.

- And so it began to prepare all that is needed for the forthcoming stage as follows:

1 – Normalisation of relations with the Jews to provide them with guarantees (assurance) in respect to the Syrian future not being hostile towards them.

2 – Restoration and improvement of relations with the tyrant of Shaam after Erdogan had viewed his complete exit as a condition for a deal (resolution).

3 – Improvement of relations with Iran the effective (active) side upon the land to arrive at an understanding about Turkish intervention and its dimensions upon Iran and its interests.

4 – Improvement of relations with Iraq and the impact that has upon the internal Iraqi situation.

5 – Normalisation of relations with Russia to coordinate with it in all stages of the plan and to continue to marginalise or keep Europe away from involvement.

6 – Solving the internal Turkish situation in the case where the popularity of Erdogan has decreased after his disgraceful and shameful rapprochements and normalisations.

Solving the issue of opposition forces to him within the Turkish army which became apparent in the incident of the Russian plane being shot down which Erdogan admitted that it took place outside of the political decision making process.

7 – Erdogan’s entry into the Syrian arena makes it necessary for him not to leave a possible dagger in the back internally and this dagger is reflected in the military who oppose him and lie in wait of him.

The failed coup was empty or free of any popular speech directed to the masses, so as to gain the popularity of the masses, just as it did not expose Erdogan’s policies in order to stir the people against him, and it was also free of any indication of the goals of the coup plotters and related to the interests of the land!

On top of that both sides of the coup both follow one direction. Erdogan and his opponent from those with a relationship with Gulen are both followers of America.

In addition, the annoyance in respect to the coup was not evident amongst all of the American spokesmen in contrast to the English who were made evident there worry due to what the consequences will be upon their influence within the army.

The coup will raise Erdogan’s level of popularity and of his government.

And it will enable him to take a firm grip over the army.

And it will enable him to weaken his political opponents.

And it will provide him with the ability to take critical decisions in respect to the Turkish role serving America in Syria.

The coming Turkish intervention in Syria represents one of the most serious and dangerous American schemes and plots in respect to the Syrian revolution.

The Turkish coup represents an arranging and ordering of the situation and it is not part of a struggle whilst its victims, the sons of Turkey, are only offerings at the American Temple!

So to where is this going, to what extent?and how long?

Ustadh Sa'eed Ridwan

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