Friday, October 14, 2016

In the Anniversary of the Prophet's Hijra (Migration) the Reminder of Dominance and Glory of Islam and its People, The Humiliated are Taking part in the Funeral of Peres the Terrorist; One of the Founders of the Criminal Jewish Entity

Ma’an News Agency reported a large number of world leaders arrived at Jerusalem for the funeral of the former head of state of the occupation and its former Prime Minister, Shimon Peres, today, Friday, with limited Arab participation, which was limited to representatives of six Arab countries.
The President of the Palestinian Authority (PA), Mahmoud Abbas, accompanied by a senior Palestinian delegation have participated in the burial ceremony, as well as the Egyptian Foreign Minister Samih Shoukry, and Oman's Ambassador Khamis Al-Faris, and Bahrain's Foreign Ministry’s envoy, and from Morocco the Moroccan king’s adviser, and Jordan's Deputy Prime Minister Jawad Al-Anani
We in Hizb ut Tahrir / Palestine condemn the participation of the humiliated official Arab regimes, led by the PA leaders in the funeral of the terrorist criminal, the owner of the broad history in the massacres against the people of Palestine, especially the Qana massacre and the murderer of women and children, particularly the child Mohammed al-Dura, whose anniversary of his death coincides with the day of the funeral itself. And we emphasize the following:
Shimon Peres (whose end is in Jahanam (Hellfire)) is one of the founders of the occupying Jewish State over the Blessed Land of Palestine, built over the destroyed homes of the people of Palestine and at the cost of their blood and dead body parts, so how can a sane person with an atom’s weight of dignity or loyalty to Allah (swt) and to the people of Palestine the Blessed Land, give condolences to the leaders of the criminal occupation with blood dripping off their hands; the blood of the Palestinian people, day and night, for the death of this criminal and attend his funeral?!
The participation of the humiliated in the funeral of terrorist Peres, took place on the anniversary of the Prophet’s (saw) migration, the anniversary of the turning point of Islam and Muslims from vulnerability and torture, to the dominance and the establishment of the Islamic state, and the spread of Islam to the world, and standing up to the world of the evil, that made humanity taste the woes since that day. During the time when the Friday sermons were recounting the anniversary of the Hijra (immigration) in the mosques under the guidance of the Awqaf (endowments) of the PA, and at the hour of the Friday prayer the hour of mercy and seeking forgiveness, these humiliated ones were committing the sin of participation with the occupiers, the murderers and terrorists in their funeral and grief. What shame and what humiliation did they bring about to the Ummah in general and to the people of Palestine in particular?!
The Ummah of Islam, particularly the people of Palestine are in deep rage at the participants in the funeral and they look forward to the day when the Ummah will get rid of all the systems that maintain the Jewish entity rather than moving their armies to eradicate it, and this Ummah is rushing towards establishing the righteous Khilafah on the method of Prophethood that will eliminate the Jewish entity and liberates all of Palestine and bring it back to the land of Islam. And Hizb ut Tahrir is in the forefront of the Islamic Ummah working among it and with it, for this objective, which will be achieved, Allah willing, even if the Kuffar and hypocrites may detest it.

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in the Blessed Land - Palestine

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