Friday, October 28, 2016

Truce after Truce ... and the Price is the Pure Blood of our Children!!

The brutal Syrian regime forces and crusader coalition aircrafts have launched a fierce attack for nearly two weeks to take control of the eastern neighborhoods of the city of Aleppo held by the armed opposition. The attack intensified after the alleged truce, which only aimed to get a sense of the military of the stationed revolutionaries and their endurance in order to carry out what they see fit to serve a political solution which they continually tried to impose since the initial moments of the revolution.
This is revealed by the current events of directly targeting civilians and causing casualties of the greatest possible number of women and children. The spokeswoman for the World Health Organization, Fadela Chaib stated that 377 people were killed in the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo, during the period between 23 September and 6 October, while according to the Syrian Human Rights Network, the number of civilian casualties over the past month reached 1176 civilians, including some 117 women, and 312 children. It should be noted that the proportion of children and women accounted for 59% of the total civilian casualties, which is a stark indication of the deliberate targeting of civilians in order to break their resolve and to subjugate those who did not submit from the revolutionaries who reject any implementation of a Western agenda on the land of Muslims.
But they do not realize that those who were raised on the concepts of Islam and graduated from the schooling of the Messenger (saw) will respond with the same response of the commander of the Ummah when he resolved the matter with the leaders of Quraysh, that if they put the sun in his right hand and the moon in his left to leave this matter he would not leave it until Allah makes it prevail or he perishes.
And what demonstrates the deliberate crimes against our people in Syria is the widespread destruction of buildings and property and the targeting of hospitals, health facilities, ambulances and fire departments. Recently more than five hospitals were bombed out of service, in addition to simple medical centers created to save the tremendous numbers of those wounded daily from the barbaric and brutal bombardment on the pretext of fighting “terrorists”. So where is ‘terrorism’?!! And who is the terrorist?!! Is it in hospitals where there is pain and agony?! Or in the children's bedrooms and in the arms of their mothers?! Is not the terrorist the one who orphans our children, widows our women, burns our land and sheds our pure blood??!!
The crimes of the Kuffar and the tyrannical oppressors in Syria have not mounted to be categorized, according to their self-serving standards as "war crimes", for Prince Zeid Ra'ad Al-Hussein of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights said a few days ago that the attacks on civilians in Aleppo may amount to war crimes or crimes against humanity! Is it after all this blood and all this destruction, they "may" amount to the descriptions to fit their politicized norms and laws and that double standards in accordance with the policies that shift and change with the effective material interests void of any human value?!
But know O revolutionaries in Syria that the revolution is not going to achieve its goals easily; it has passed through many stages of bargaining and compromises, so do not accept half-solutions succumbing to the difficulty of the circumstances and the many tragedies, and the destruction and the killing and displacement of children and women - even if the Kaffir crusaders gather against you and have been propped up by those sponsored rulers of the Muslims who do not lift a finger to save the children and women in Syria!!
The labor in Syria is very difficult; it is a struggle for who will assume control after Bashar and his regime. America, the influential in Syria, and with the support of its Russian allies will not weaken trying to nip any sign of the establishment of the Khilafah (Caliphate) Rashidah on the method of the Prophethood. The West wagered with all its cunning, treacheries and influence that no sincere person should reach the governance and obtain the victory of the people of power and strength of the heroes of the Ummah in the Islamic armies, which the rulers have enchained with internal strife to prevent them from taking the initiative and achieve the purpose for which they were created; namely the spread of Islam throughout the land, supporting the oppressed and bringing justice, security and safety…
Women’s Section

in the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir

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