Thursday, November 03, 2016

A Brief Profile for Sheikh Mahmood bin Abdul Latif Uwaydah (Abu Iyas)

His full name is Mahmood bin Abdul Latif Mahmood Uwaydah and his Kunya is Abu Iyas. He joined Hizb Ut Tahrir in 1953 shortly after its formation and studied the culture and ideas of the Hizb in Palestine in Qalqiliya. He continued to be with the Hizb in Palestine until he had to travel to Saudi Arabia for work where he worked as a teacher in the Ministry of Education. The Saudi Government upon finding out sheikh's association with the Hizb deported Shekh Abu Iyas along with several other shebab back to Palestine in the 1960’s.

Shekh Abu Iyas has a very strong command on Usul al Fiqh, hadith and Fiqh and has written extensively on the subject. One of his well known books is the compilation to detailed answers to Questions that he has been asked. He says that his strongest command lies in the subject of Hadith. He has often undertaken ijtihad in issues where he found that the existing ijtihad's were weak or where there was no ijtihad.

As a result of his studies he wrote the book 'Aljaame li ahkhaam AsSalah – The Comprehensive Guide for the rules of Prayers' and 'Aljaame li Ahkaam asSiyaam – The Comprehensive guide for the rules of Fasting' and 'Masail Fiqhiya Mukhtarah – Selected Fiqhi Issues' among others.

His book on salah and siyam is unique because he unlike other authors does not merely discuss his own ijtihad and the evidences behind it, rather he also discusses why he finds the other opinions weak and the usuli reasoning for this.

His love for Fiqh and writing Fiqh started in the jail when he was arrested in 1982 and was put in the jail for over 6 years without being sentenced. Most of the book on Salah and Siyam was written in the jail. He would write the chapters and ask his prison mate, Shekh Ata abu Rashta to review them and give his inputs.

Sheikh Abu Iyas says that since he was not sentenced and he was still imprisoned he believed that the Jordanian government intended to keep him imprisoned for life. 

Shekh was arrested by the Jordanian government for his association with Hizb ut Tahrir 5 times, for the first time in 1968, then in 1974, then in 1982 and then in 2000. He was once again arrested in the month of September in 2016 however he was released within a week.

His book on Salah & Siyam was translated into English which are currently being edited and an abridged version is available on MaktabaIslamia. Maktaba has also printed his arabic book 'masail fiqhiya mukhtarah' , His books can be viewed through the following link.

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