Friday, December 16, 2016

Regarding situation in Syria


We are all witnessing the slaughter of our Muslim brothers, sisters and children in Aleppo / Syria and we are all deeply disturbed by this.

And this bloodshed will continue, regardless if a minority are evacuated out of Aleppo, and it will continue throughout Syria in the days, weeks and months to come, as the criminal Syrian regime, its allied gangs, Russian forces and Western powers that conspire with it, are only emboldened by this genocide and will continue down this path to annihilate any opposition to their tyranny.

In light of this, the Ummah is responding with many false solutions, as follows:

1. Dua.
Dua is vital for any success, as without beseeching Allah swt for help their will be no success. But dua alone, or dua along with the wrong action , is useless. Only Dua with the correct solution is the answer.

2. Charity.
Countless Muslims are suffering and whatever charity can be sent to them will be of immense value, and the people who are collecting this sincerely and sacrificing for the sake of Allah swt to help their brethren (not those using this as an opportunity to rake in huge commissions from the collections) are indeed doing a noble and highly rewardable act. But charity alone is not the answer – as this in reality will barely help a small minority, and that to temporarily. A state is needed to deal with a state wide problem of mass suffering, and huge problems across multiple states in the Muslim world. Only a state can gather together the vast resources of the Muslim world, which currently are sitting idle or are used by our traitor rulers for their personal gains or worse still used against our own people at the behest of foreign interests.

3. Improving oneself since we are sinful & deserve this.
This is a totally wrong and very, very dangerous concept. Indeed a Muslim must strive to correct his conduct and increase his taqwa, trust and obedience to Allah swt, and reflect this in his day to day actions. However the obligations commanded upon a Muslim are not confined to individual ibadaat alone. They also relate to his family, community and society around him. One of the biggest obligations – described by Imam Abu Hanifah – as the mother of all obligations because all other obligations in Islam rest upon this – is to rule by what Allah swt has revealed and to do so behind one leader, which unites the entire Ummah into one political block knows as the Islamic Khilafah state, which is absent in the world today. Prophet Muhammad (saw) said ‘He who does not have a bayat upon his neck (ie an Islamic leader ruling over him), he dies the death of Jahiliayat’. So to improve oneself means we must actively call and work to establish the Islamic Khilafah state.

4. Lobbying the UN and foreign governments.
There were reports from Aleppo that medical equipment donated by the UN had GPS transmitters in them, which then allowed Syrian / Russian forces to locate secret hospitals (where the signals concentrated) and destroy them. The reality is that Western powers have conspired with Russia, Assad etc to bring about this carnage. They may have competing interests in the region, and the changing alliances amongst themselves will reflect this, but in reality they are united to continuously and brutally stamp out any form of independent Islamic political revival. So to lobby Western governments is not the solution.

Correct Solution:
The Muslim world has combined over 5 million soldiers, tanks, figher jets, strategic control of water and air ways, huge resources etc etc. The soldiers in our armies have strong Islamic emotions and are greatly disturbed as to what is happening to the oppressed Muslims around them, just like the rest of the civilian Ummah. What holds them back are our traitor rulers and commanders of the armies, as they have sold out to the enemies of the Ummah for their personal gain. The solution is to get rid of these rulers and mobilise the Ummah’s armies behind one Khaleefah and rescue the oppressed Muslims, not just in Aleppo / Syria, but in Palestine, Kashmir, Burma etc etc.

“Indeed, the Imam (Khaleefah) is a shield, from behind whom you fight and by whom you are protected.” [Muslim]

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Anonymous said...

With regards to point 3, many from the ummah have said our sins are the cause of this carnage - Allah is punishing the ummah due to our sins. They cite an example from the time of Musa (as), when his people asked him to beseech Allah to make it rain and end the drought. Allah declined the du'a and said its due to the sins of one of those amongst them, and then upon his repentance, Allah lifted the drought - how do you refute that this doesn't indicate that Allah punishes the wider community on account of an individuals sins?