Monday, December 19, 2016

What Comes after the Destruction of the Hospitals upon the Heads of the Women?!

Press Release
Syrian medical sources have counted up to 350 killed and 1800 injured as a result of the air and artillery bombing undertaken by the Russian planes alongside the tyrannical regime forces since the beginning of the vicious campaign against the besieged areas in the city of Halab (Aleppo) that began on the 15th of November.
In addition to the wide destruction of properties and the demolishing of buildings upon those living in them, to the point where all aspects of living and residential areas have disappeared, the crusader coalition is also targeting hospitals in a number of provincial towns. It is worth making the point that all the hospitals in the Halab precincts are out of service after the systematic bombing against them, to prevent them from providing medical and humanitarian relief to the thousands of innocents who are being afflicted by the daily bombing. What increases the barbarity of these barbarians is that they are also targeting hospitals in many other areas and regions. Syria Watch and the organisations for providing assistance have said that war planes have bombed the maternity hospital in Idlib that has led to the cessation of its work.
The director of the Syrian Civil Defence organisation, known as the White Helmets, mentioned that the doctors and relief staff in Halab are using only what remains of the equipment after the bombing campaigns, to do all that that is within their capability, and particularly after the bombing of the hospitals that had been set up hurriedly following the destruction of the functioning hospitals within the area. It was also revealed that the residents of the eastern besieged half of Halab have less than ten days to receive aid relief otherwise they will be subjected to starvation and death. The women are spending long periods of time searching in the semi-destroyed markets to see what they can find to provide nourishment for their children which has become very difficult due to the high prices because of the markets being short of essential nutritional materials.
UN Special Envoy to Syria Stefan de Mistura warned about the possible occurrence of a slaughter in East Halab like the massacre of Vukovar in 1991 in Croatia by Serbian militias. These warnings are not new and not the first, as they continue to come with the continuation of the bombings which have not ceased as a result of those warnings and condemnations. Indeed for months and also following the targeting of the hospitals, the UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon considered the attacks upon the hospitals and the use of deadly weapons to be a “war crime” and that the matter is “worse than a slaughter house”.
At that time The New York Times stated that near to 100,000 Syrian children are besieged in the fighting zones in Halab, indicating that they are part of a quarter of a million Syrians that are besieged in battles within the city. That is where it has become a normal and regular scene for the children of Aleppo to be seen being dragged out from under the rubble with their tattered clothing and dusty faces.
There has been non-stop and repeated suffering for years before the silence of the world that does not go beyond the timid condemnations of some of the rulers and their threats to raise the Syrian tragedy to the security council so that they can procrastinate over it more and more. It is as if there is no solution except via the UN path where they devote themselves to it without fatigue or growing tired!! Even if they change the tone of their warnings, they still request the holding of one meeting following another, just like when France recently asked for a meeting to be convened soon for the donor states of the moderate Syrian opposition. Or they describe the reality as if it has been absent from the minds just like when the German Chancellor Angela Merkel (recently) stated that the Syrian regime is deliberately bombing hospitals and health facilities.
Where is the iron (and force) in all of that?!! Numerical figures rapidly increasing like shares in the major manufacturing companies where the investors compete to announce their daily profits, profits upon the blood of children and women, our people in Syria. The intensive and continuous bombing has become one of the daily scenes presented in the media whilst the suffering continues of more than 275,000 civilians who are surrounded by a continuous environment of terror and flight when they hear the roaring sounds of the planes, which the skies are nearly never free from over the course of an hour. They come high and low, warning about the resumption of the dropping of explosive barrels and warning of the impending destruction, scattered limbs and the spread of the smell of the blood of pure and innocent children.
All of these statements and condemnations from the major western states makes the one following them think that the criminals are residents of outer space or people wearing “invisibility caps”. These empty statements conform that these states do not shed anything other than crocodile tears for the innocent victims, children and women who have lost their lives because of the colonial war which will go on as long as there are sincere revolutionaries who reject the interference of the West in their lands and the sale of their respect, for the word of Allah to be raised high.
The women of Syria are not waiting for the world to remember them on the international (commemoration) days so as to count how many women were killed, either by torture or bombs, or how many women were made homeless or arrested. Did her situation change when the world knew that there has been approximately 30,000 Syrian women who have been killed in the struggle and war taking place in the land since the beginning of the revolution?! Indeed, the opposite is true, the talk has already come to be about the truthfulness and accuracy of this number and questioning the veracity of these statistics!!
So know, O Muslims, scholars and armies that the victory does not come except from Allah to a people who support the cause of Allah by their actions and speech. That is because Allah Ta’Aalaa said:
﴿إِن تَنصُرُوا اللَّهَ يَنصُرْكُمْ وَيُثَبِّتْ أَقْدَامَكُمْ
“If you support (the cause of) Allah He will support you (with victory) and make your feet firm” [Muhammad: 7].
The strength and power does not come from standing behind the rulers who only earn disgrace from their Lord because they rule by falsehood. Rather the strength and power comes by following the guidance of the Messenger of Allah (saw) and seeking to attain the pleasure of the Lord of the servants by ruling by His Shar’a and by applying the Ahkaam of Islam that He has chosen for us and perfected for us. That is by working for the resumption of the Islamic life via the establishment of the rightly guided Khilafah (Caliphate) upon the methodology of the Prophethood, so that justice can be spread to the corners of the earth.

Women’s Section

of the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir

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