Monday, January 16, 2017

Media Workers at the Gates of Hell Our Prophet Muhammad (Saw) is Red Line O Channel of Fitnah

Last Monday, Al-Jadeed Channel aired a show that included an offense and insult to the Messenger of Allah, our Prophet Sayyiduna Muhammad (saw), in the program "For Publication", which is presented by Rima Karaki, and in which Radwan Murtada, "adopted by the black press rooms," is involved in the selection of its guests.
No one of the officials in general, and not the Prime Minister or the Mufti of the Republic, in particular, moved to denounce them and hold them accountable. It was more appropriate for the officials in the authority, the muftis and the security services to go and close the channel of sedition (Fitnah), the so-called "Al-Jadeed Channel", and arrest the owner of the station, the son of the defunct regime Muammar Gaddafi, Tahseen Al-Khayat. As well as, to hold accountable the rest of those who are in charge of it, especially the media presenter, Rima Karaki, and the journalist Radwan Murtada and arrest them immediately.
We are surprised by the authority’s letting free those who insult Islam and all Muslims, while arresting everyone who supports the Muslims issues in general and the Sham revolution in particular. The nearest example of this is the arrest of the media student Tariq Ashimali.
So, the one who raises sectarian strife, seeks to discord (make fitnah) among the people, and insults the Prophet Muhammad (saw), is condoned, even though the Shari rule of insulting Muhammad (saw) is known to the Muslims. So if Islam was governing, the fate of these small tramps would be the fair retribution
So let those who are concerned beware before it is aggravated.

On behalf of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir
in Wilayah Lebanon

Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim

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