Saturday, January 07, 2017

New books published by MaktabaIslamia

The book Mafaheem Hizb Ut Tahrir was authored by the eminent Jurist, Thinker and statesman, Sheikh Taqiuddin An Nabhani and it is a deep and unbiased research into the conceptual reasons of the failure of the Islamic movements that arose in the past 2 centuries. This book mainly was written with the objective to clarify the key thoughts and concepts which the Ummah was confused in and therefore was not unable to stop the path of decline it had taken. 

MaktabaIslamia has just published the much awaited English translation of the Commentary & Explanation of Mafaheem Hizb Ut Tahrir by Sheikh Hafez saleh. You can check the book on the following link Commentary & Explanation of the Book Mafaheem.

The other books that Maktaba has published are

The Muslim's handbook to understanding China is the first book from the 
'The Muslim Ideologue's Companion' series published by Istinarah Press . The series is a part of an effort to address the need to have a handy guide to understand various Intellectual, Economic, Legislative & Political issues from an Islamic ideological perspective. The book on China is the First in the series and mainly consists of Q&A by Shekh Ata bin Khaleel abu Rashta on the subject. 

Check all the new books from Maktaba here.

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