Monday, February 13, 2017

American President Trump is not more of a criminal than his predecessors

None of them have spared any effort in their maliciousness against Islam and Muslims
The White House announced that the new president (Donald Trump) is open to the idea of ​​carrying out joint operations with Russia against the " Islamic state Organisation" in Syria. And prior to this, the Pentagon denied the Russian Defense Ministry report that the US along with Russia jointly carried out airstrikes against the " Islamic state Organisation." On Sunday. He (Spicer) said that (Trump) informed the US Secretary of Defense (James Mattis) that changes will occur in how to deal with " Islamic state Organisation," and added: "During this time (Trump) will continue to hold discussions regardiong joint military operations and what he wants from them”
Observers all over the world spoke about the arrival of Trump to the White House, and it was mostly pessimistic; they all thought that the new "Gladiator" will not have any friend, as if his predecessors of American presidents had any friend other than the capitalists, those who finance them to get them to the White House!
Since the United States launched the Crusade against Islam and Muslims on the 17th of January 1991 AD, it has not stopped in the killing and in the prosecution of targeting Islam and Muslims, neither in the occupation of Afghanistan after the killing and displacement of millions and devastating destruction and the same followed in Iraq, and America has not stopped for a day since that date in conducting military operations in various countries of the Islamic world, To the extent that it has created armies of mercenaries to carry out suicide operations and liquidations such as: "Black Water" and "XE", and the last criminal President,  Obama, whose reign was characterized by the Electronic killing using unmanned aircraft, along with the use of mercenary armies, most of the Muslim countries were not safe from these killings, starting from Afghanistan, Pakistan and in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, and ending with Libya and other countries.
As for the US role in Syria, along with supporting the tyrannical regime of the tyrant Bashar in secret and in public, the Americans didnt stopaerial bombing the moujahieden sites even for a day, while it continued to conduct military operations to undermine the faithful in the Syrian revolution, that is why there is no real meaning to what the White House issued saying that Trump was prepared to participate in military operations against the IS organisation, since it never stopped targeting sincere revolutions under this rationale, and America wont and will never target any of their accomplice against the sincere efforts of the revolution, and it was clear in the exchange of accusations between Maliki and Kerry about who created Daesh, was it America as was said by its agent Maliki? Or was it Maliki as was said by his master Kerry? The truth is that the organization did not exist but to justify undermining the sincere revolution.
There is no crime that the devil (Shaytan) thinks of and it is committed by America against Islam and Muslims, so those of understanding will not be puzzled in what could be done by Trump in Syria and against Islam and Muslims, he will continue on the path of crime that has been adopted by the criminal American Civilization, and the only difference between him and his predecessors is that he discloses what is in his heart of hatred, he is also described as thick headed and he has no diplomatic experience, and does not understand except for the language of turf wrestling, while his predecessors from the presidents have been as the poet said, "It gives from the tip of the tongue sweetness, while he he will work his way around you, just as the fox does."
The Muslims must advance beyond the role of the observer as to who comes to the White House, and keeping up their hopes with the one who declares that he will be fair amongst them and being pessimistic with the who declares the contrary, to carrying Islam and presenting it to the whole world includingAmerica, as an alternative Civilization to come out of the tyranny and oppression of capitalism to the justice of the Khilafah on the methodology of prophethood, for the White House will soon by conquered by the Khilafah (established on the footsteps of the prophethood), Inshallah, that will appoint a  leader (Wali) who will govern America with Islam which for very long has been maligned and lied against by the criminal rulers who inhabited it, for this House will continue to be a den of evil to those successive to it, they do not observe concerning the people any pact of kinship or covenant of protection.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb Ut Tahrir by
Bilal al-Muhajir – Pakistan

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