Sunday, May 07, 2017

This is an Invading Colonizer so Save the Country before it’s Lost by the Puppets and the Weak

Press Release

At a time when the media is preoccupied with the scandals of the ruling party. At a time when basic services are deteriorating because of the state's disregard for the true concerns o f the people and from looking after them, we have been following for months the suspicious movements and contacts by the Head of the EU Delegation to Tunisia, Patrice Bergamini. This ambassador has gone beyond the diplomatic capacity he carries. He does not appear in his actions as an ambassador, but rather as the de facto ruler of the country who sets policies, no but rather imposes them, and follows the officials of ministers and others, and supervises them! He did not leave a ministry without invading it (under the pretext of reform and supporting the new born Democracy) and wanting to restructure it with European funding, including the sovereign ministries such as the Ministry of Interior. We saw him meet the Speaker of the House of Representatives to oversee the quality of his legislative capacities. Everyone heard him announce the doubling of the funding for civil society groups that support  the democratic values ​​of the West opposed to the Islamic creed, and he roams in the cities of Tunisia and its villages, he even enters places that many officials did not dare to enter like neighborhoods of Sidi Bouzid, or Mount Sha'anbi in Kasserine…
This European ambassador is a well-known intelligence man, he uses his colonial authority in a malignant diplomatic way to bring the European hegemony permanently in Tunisia. He intervenes in every big and small issue that concerns the internal affairs of Tunisia. On 16/03/2017 he met with the officials of the Federation of Industry and Trade, and a few days later with the Tunisian General Union of Labor. This is another evidence that this ambassador holds most political and economic files in Tunisia behind the curtain. In this period, he seeks to complete the comprehensive and in-depth agreement with the European Union, which, if it takes place… God forbid, is a disaster that will turn Tunisia into a mere commercial and service space of the European Union. His colonial arrogance has reached the warning of the officials of the Federation of Industry and Trade, in his last meeting with them, from the thought of limiting the European imports to Tunisia, whatever the negative impact they can bring on the industrial sector, and this coincided with a cheap media campaign - we do not exclude that the ambassador is behind it – to distract the people from the European goods that invade Tunisia and to limit the problem to the Turkish goods and consider it  the reason behind the trade deficit  in the country, although the European goods compared to Turkish are alot more.
O Muslims in Tunisia, the country from which the Ummah's revolution was launched:
What is happening in your country today is an open colonial intervention that makes it under a mandate. This intervention would not have been possible without the approval and agreement of the rulers of Tunisia and their political and media centers, who have lost their sense of sovereignty and are used to the humiliation of foreign intervention in the details of the country's affairs.
And your revolution has not yet achieved its goal (the liberation of the country and the people) the evidence is  the continuation of the reality of political and economic dependency, which keeps Tunisia and its wealth and capabilities a hostage of the capitalist colonial kaffir West. Did you revolt to increase the control of the colonizer over you?! Do you turn to partial demands while colonization dominates the country and the major political and economic decisions in it?
You demand and demand and your demands increase every day ... Who are you asking ?! Who will respond to your demands ?! Your rulers who claim that you elected them are handing over the whole country to the colonizer, will it fulfill your demands and look into them ?! The rulers are not in power, are you  asking of a colonizer who is not concerned with you?
O Muslims in Tunisia, the country of conquerors and heroes, the country from which the revolution of the Ummah was launched:
Your real battle today is not with the rulers (they do not have any power) but your real battle is with the colonizer who wander through your land; taking over your country  and its resources, and is drawing policies and enforcing laws and legislations as it imposed the constitution from before. It would not have controlled our country without the democratic system, through which it infiltrated and allowed its puppets to come into the House of Representatives and in the government.
So save the country before it is lost by the puppets and the weak and know that the regime backed by the colonizer is waiting for your dispair and confusion in your demands to pass their projects.
Do not despair and make your demands only one demand, which is to uproot colonialism and its supporters and its democratic capitalist system, and the establishment of Islam and its laws under the righteous Khilafah (Caliphate) on the method of Prophethood, and continue to move in the street and in every place, and have patience and move exclusively for the sake of  Allah (swt) and for the  support of His Deen  and know that Allah will give victory for His pious slaves.

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir
in Wilayah Tunisia

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