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Q&A – The Hukm regarding paying Zakah on Crops, Fruits, Livestock & Trading Goods

Question:- What is the Hukm regarding paying Zakah on crops, fruits, livestock and trading goods. Is Zakah applicable on these items? And where can i find more details about this subject and is this from the adopted matters?
Answer:- Firstly, Zakah is applicable on the mentioned matters and this subject is from the adopted matters. This subject is discussed in detail in the Adopted Book – AlAmwal fee Dawlatil Khilafah– Funds in the Khilafah state, by Shekh Abdul Qadeem Zalloum, the following is the Quote from the book on page 124:

Zakat is obliged upon the man, woman, child and insane person due to the general form of the sound Ahadith that oblige Zakat without restriction. Amru bin Shu’aib narrated from his father from his grandfather he said: “The Prophet preached to the people and said: ‘Verily, whoever has charge over an orphan with wealth then let him invest it. He should not leave it to be eaten by Sadaqah.’” From Anas (in a Marfu’ narration):
“Trade in the orphans’ wealth (so that) Zakat does not consume it.”
Qasim bin Muhammad said: “Aisha used to invest our wealth, as we were orphans, and give Zakat from it.” Malik bin Anas considered that there was Zakat on the lunatic’s wealth, as did Az-Zuhri. From ibn Shihab:
“That he was asked about the lunatic’s wealth, is there Zakat upon it? He said: ‘Yes.’”
Zakat is obliged on the following properties:
 1. Livestock including camels, cows and sheep,
2. Crops and fruits,
3. Currency,
4. Trading goods and merchandise.

Zakat is obliged on these properties if they reach the Nisab for the duration of one year except for crops and fruits whose Zakat is due the moment they are harvested  [End Quote]

AbuKhaled AlHejazi

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