The following articles written by various writers are related to Islamic Fiqh (jurisprudence).

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The Shaheed (Martyr)

Ahkam Pertaining to Political Parties in Islam

Advice to Muslims Working in the Financial Sector

Foreign Intervention in Muslim Lands

Q&A: Political Struggle & Intellectual clash

Did the Rasool (saw) accept the Najashi to rule by the law of kufr?

Sayyiduna Yusuf (as) and ruling within a kufr system

Laws of Partnerships (companies) in Islam

Using Physical Power to Change Munkar(Evil) Depends on Capability

Demonstrations are part of Sunnah

Q&A - Rules of Hijra From land of Disbelivers

Imam Abu Yusuf discussing Fiqh on his Deathbed

Usul: The Order (amr) and form of Imperative

Ruling by Kufr is Haraam - by Prof. Muhammad Al-Mass'ari

Al-Yaasiq of today - the law applied in the Muslim world

The twisting of ahadith to justify the abandonment of the Shariah

The Ruling of Islam on Elections

Q&A: Being part of a group?

Setting up rivals to Allah (swt)

Treaties in Islam

Clarifying the meaning of Jihad

Fighting as a method to establish the Islamic state?

Q&A: Giving Zakah for other than basic needs?

Q&A: Selling the security upon the debtors inability to pay

Q&A: How to dispose of shares?

Clothing in Islam

Part-1- Working Women

The Virtues of Fasting in the Month of Muharram
Q&A: Age of separating children in the beds?

Q&A: Is there an illah in the hukm of Jilbab?

The prohibition of pretending to have knowledge

Q&A: Lobbying non-Muslim governments?

Q&A: Drawing pictures of animals & people to teach children?

The meaning of the ahadith of 73 Sects

Deobandi & Barelvi original Fatawa - obligatory to follow sighting of Muslim from any land for Ramadhan & Eid

Representation (Al-Wilaayah) & Delegation (Al-Wekaalah) in Islam

Q&A: Regarding prohibition of Tabbaruj for women?

Q&A: Sending children to schools where Kufr is taught?

Buying meat from non-Muslims?

Q&A: Going to cinema & watching licentious films?

Q&A: Guardianship of convert woman for marriage?

Q&A: Wearing garments below ankles for men?

Q&A: About the verse - An-Nisa:141

Understanding the issue of Niyah (intention)

The Development of Fiqh

The Significance of Zakah

Are we allowed to give Sadaqah from interest (riba) money?

Tafseer of Surah ar-Ra’ad, Ayah 11

The importance of Fiqh (jurisprudence) & its study

The obligation of beginning of Ramadhan when the moon is sighted in any country

Fatwa allowing Salah only 3 times a day - what next?

Sudan: The Shariah rule on Resolution 1706

It is obligatory to obey the Amir and it is haram to betray him or break the oath given to him

Q&A: Muslim woman marrying a Kafir?

Is it allowed to have more than one movement calling to Islam?

Transcript: Enjoining the Ma’ruf & Forbidding Munkar

A Refutation of the Arguments that are put Forward to say that voting in a Kufr system is Halal

Political Parties in Islam

Q&A about gradual implementation of Islam

Importance of seeking knowledge

Clarifying the meaning of Dar al-Kufr & Dar al-Islam

Electing someone to rule by Kufr

Electing a Representative: An Islamic Perspective

Q&A: Seeking our rights under a non-Islamic system

The Shariah rules relating to mixing between the sexes

Q&A: 'As you are, rulers will be appointed over you'

Ummah Wasat: So That The Meaning Is Not Lost In Translation

Tafsir of Surah al-Qadr

The Masajid, the houses of Allah (swt)

Audio: The Fiqh of Determining Ramadhan & Eid

Tafsir of verses on Ramadhan & Fasting - Part 2

Tafsir of verses on Ramadhan & Fasting - Part 1

A to Z of Ramadhan

The Evil Scholar

The definitive violation of the Shariah by the rulers of the Muslim world, Part. 1

When is rebellion against the Khalifah permitted?

The Dar Paradigm and Identity

Various Ahadith about the Rulers

Fiqh of Growing and Shaving the Beard

Jilbab and the Muslim Woman’s Dress Code

Q&A: Providing nafaqah to relatives?

Q&A: Taking financial right forcibly?

Q&A: Length of the Jilbab?

Moderation and Extremism

Is Saudi Arabia an Islamic State?

Case of Abdul Rahman - How to respond to the attack on Shariah rules