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Q&A: Mixed weddings and Mixed Education Classes

The following is a translation of a Q&A by Sheikh Abdul Qadeem Zalloom.  Question and Answer These days the people have become accustomed to hiring out halls for their wedding feasts. These halls are of two types: First: mixed halls where men and women are invited and they sit together. When the bride comes from the Saloon they make her sit with the bridegroom and there are women around them who are mahrams and non-mahram. The women in such situations usually are adorned and reveal their ‘awrah. They sing and dance in front of the bride and bridegroom. Men also participate in this. During the celebrations the bridegroom places adornments on bride’s hands, neck and ears as the people are accustomed to do. Second: Halls hired by those who concerned for Islam. One hall for men and one hall for women. Ie without mixing. But when the bride comes she is made to sit with her bridegroom together in the woman’s hall. The women, mahrams and non-mahrams, sing and dance in fron