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New Book: The Prophetic Constitution of Madinah

The English translation of the Arabic book 'Saheefa-tul Madinah' by Professor Muhammad al-Massar i is now available to download for free from:  The Prophetic Constitution of Madinah This much needed detailed Ijtihad expounds the topic and dispels various commonly held assumptions and myths about the constitution of the first Islamic State established by the Prophet Muhammad  ﷺ. The following is from its Contents page:  Contents Chapter One: The Origin of the Sahifah (Document)  Section: The circumstances surrounding the writing of the Sahifah (document) of Al-Madinah  Imam Ibn Kathir (May Allah’s mercy be upon him) attempted to summarize some of this Section: Examples of the harm and abuse undertaken by the Jews and the polytheists and the acts of Ka’b bin Al-Ashraf  Section: The joining together as brothers “Al-Mu’akhaah) between the Muhajirin and the Ansar  Narrations revealing the strength of this “Mu’akhaah” (forming of brotherhood) and its depth, the like of which the his

How al-Awza‘i Spoke the Truth to a Tyrant Ruler

After the Banu Umayyah were massacred and banished from Syria by the tyrannical Amir of Syria, ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Ali (the first Abbasid caliph’s uncle), he summoned al-Awza‘i*. After going missing for three days, the latter appeared before the court of the Amir. Al-Awza‘i relates: “I went in to see him and he was reclining on his bed with a staff in his hand and soldiers to his right and left bearing menacing swords and iron rods. So I imparted the Islamic greetings to him but he didn’t reply. He banged the staff in his hand and asked: ‘O, Awza‘i, what’s your view regarding what we have done to the people and this land in removing the oppression of those [Banu Umayyah]? Was it considered Jihad and defending Islam?’ I thought to myself and decided to tell the truth, bracing for certain death [and said]: O Amir! I heard Yahya b. Sa`id al-Ansari say: I heard Muhammad b. Ibrahim al-Taymi say: I heard `Alqama b. Waqqas say: I heard `Umar b. al-Khattab say: I heard the Messenger of Allah say: “

Powerful Speech in Front of The Chinese Embassy in London at the #stand4uyghurs Protest

Brother Mohammed Hijab's powerful speech in front of the Chinese Embassy in London at the recent #stand4uyghurs protest.