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Member of the Revolutionary Council in Homs thanks Hizb ut-Tahrir for their blessed work

Abu Bilal al-Homsi, member of the Revolutionary Council in Homs, Syria thanks Hizb ut-Tahrir for their blessed work and is asking Allah to bless them and their work. He calls Hizb ut-Tahrir for the "Heroes of Tripoli, Al-Sham".

NATO's Invasion of Syria

By Abu Anas The United States and its Turkish ally are preparing for the worst-case scenario, which is invading Syria through ground troops in order to secure US hegemony. This is the third option the US possesses to maintain control over this strategic country in the Middle East, as we have outlined before in an earlier   article . Such an invasion will most likely be vetoed by Russia and China in any UN resolution, therefore the US will resort to NATO to execute the military campaign. Until now the US has been attempting to get the opposition to reach a compromise in which the rebels and the government negotiate the exit of Bashar al-Assad in return for ending the revolt and transitioning into a government that can pave the way for a democratic state. The Free Syrian Army (FSA) has not cooperated yet with such a political maneuver that would in effect abort the revolution by removing the face of the regime and maintaining its structure. A significant number of the FSA facti

Q&A: Coup in Mali?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Question and Answer: Mali Question: A military coup was announced in Mali on 22nd March, 2012 by the junior rank officers against President Amadou (Ahmedou) Toumani Touri. The coup announcement on the Mali Television by Lieutennant Ahmadou Konari, the spokesman of what is referred to by the revolutionaries as the National Committee for the Restoration of Democracy and State (CNRDR), stated that "...the Committee decided to assume its responsibility and put an end to Amadou (Ahmadou) Toumani Toure's incompetent regime". It may be noted that President Tomani Toure's second term in office was to come to an end next month and he is not allowed to stand ofr a third term in office under the constitution... So what prompted these officers to hurried oust the president through a coup instead of waiting for his constitutional term to end next month? Then, is it a local event or does it have an international aspect to it? If so, what is it? May

Thousands in Hama, Syria demand Khilafah on day of Eid ul-Fitr

This is how Eid ul-Fitr was celebrated in Hama, Syria! Demanding the Khilafah, tabarakAllah!

Ustadh Abu Anas comments upon the martyrdom of Sh. Mustafa Al Majzoub in Syria

  Ustadh Abu Anas Alwahwah comments on the martyrdom of Shaykh Mustafa Al-Majzoub at Al-Risala bookstore in Bankstown, Sydney where hundreds of Muslims, mostly youth gathered there upon hearing the news of the shaykh's martyrdom on the 20th of August 2012. Shaykh Mustaafa Al-Majzoub is one of Australia's most popular shaykhs, especially with the youth. He went to Syria, his homeland, to take part in the jihad there during the blessed uprising of 2011/12. He was martyred while fighting. TRANSCRIPT: Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar When the Takbeers mix with the blood of martyrdom then the ummah has gone back to it's religion, and that is when we start seeing the ummah of Muhammad that we know When the blood of martyrdom and Takbeers come together. We ask Allah (sw) to make Shaykh Mustafa of those whom Allah described in the Quran "Of the believers are men who are true to the covenant which they made with Allah: so of them is he who accomplished his vow, and of the

Unstoppable march in Damascus | Eid 2012

The flags of la illaha illa Allah (al-Oqaab and al-Raya) are seen everywhere at this huge protest in Damascus.

The Agency of the Assad Regime

By Abu Anas The goal of mainstream media outlets is the shaping of people's viewpoints based on the agendas of governments and multinational corporations. Therefore, the Muslim political observer, without an official media outlet to reflect his strategic and vital interests, is left to be bombarded by anti-Islamic propaganda that purposefully misinforms and distorts reality. This has led to the misconception that the relationship between the United States and Syria is filled with animosity.  This article will be the first of a two part series discussing this topic. For anyone to be able to explain the relationship between different countries one must understand the interests of these countries and their political actions must be analyzed so one can define what type of relationship they have. The media has suggested that the Syrian regime is part of the Iranian "axis of evil" which jeopardizes the US interests in the region. Iran has a strategic depth extending thr

This is how the Regime in Uzbekistan acts!

Karimov Shawwkat, was born in 1964 in Uzbekistan. He was sentenced to prison in 1999 charged with connection to Hizb ut-Tahrir. He was sentenced to nine years in prison. After he completed his term in 2008, the head of the regime did not release him and he was sentenced to an additional three years. Again after the completion of the second sentence in 2011, the judge refused his release sentencing Shawwkat to another three years until 2014. In 2002, the prison board deliberately placed Shawwkat in the quarters with prisoners afflicted with tuberculosis so he can be stricken with the contagious disease. In fact, he became infected with tuberculosis. The prison wardens act on orders from the nation's president on eliminating prisoners. Karimov Shawwkat suffered from tuberculosis, and every time his prison sentence ended, another prison term was sent down until he died at the San Krad Prison on Wednesday 27th Ramadan 1433 H (15/08/2012). Thereafter his family claimed his pur

In Egypt only seats are set the cost of continuing tragedies!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم In Kenanah "Egypt", only seats are set the cost of continuing tragedies! (Translation) Yesterday evening, the Egyptian President issued some important and eye-catching decisions; most prominent among them was the superannuating of the Field Marshal Tantawi and his deputy Fariq Annan, the Chief of General Staff... These decisions have come at a time when there is intensifying the military actions in Sinai against (the insurgents), and are rising the police raids of the houses, arresting the suspect. Also, the vehicles are flocked in so as to close the tunnels, thereby tightening the siege upon the besieged! Those who are following the political events in Egypt know that Egypt could not continue with two heads: the Military Council with immense powers, and the Egyptian President with reduced powers. So, the overthrow of one of the biceps/heads was expected and was just a matter of time, waiting for the nearest-term. Likewise, thos

Thwarting The Syrian Revolution

The United States' strategy employed on the Syrian political theater has been outlined in detail in a prior  article  we have posted. We have summarized the current US strategy in thwarting the revolution using the proverb, "if you can't beat them, join them." It is important to understand the different plans that the US could utilize to achieve the implementation of this strategy. Keeping in mind that the power elements on the ground are two: the rebels (through the FSA) and the regime (through the military institution), the US has three methods to reach its goals. The first  option is infiltrating and influencing the FSA to obey a chain of command that is loyal and controlled by the US. The purpose of such a plan is to steer the rebels away from their goal of bringing down the regime and to sit down at a negotiation table with some of its "acceptable" elements to reach a compromise solution and to form a unity transitional government. The US could encourag

Message from a field commander in Syria on their goal of establishing Khilafah

A video message from Abu Shadi to the city of Tripoli and the brothers of Hizb ut-Tahrir who have supported the revolution from day one and been intimately involved in it. Abu Shadi is the field commander of the brigade of resistance of the city of Bab Amro in Syria. ALLAHUAKBAR. "We will not replace our Creed with their democracy, and we will not replace the rule of Islam with their ideology, and after all these sacrifices we won't accept anything but Allah as our Lord, Islam as our religion, Muhammad as our Prophet, Qur'an as a guidance and constitution, and the Khilafah on the path of Prophethood by Allah's will."

Video: "Rohingya" The Forgotten People

The world today has forgotten the Muslims of Rohingya. The media has turned a blind eye as have the governments. But these same governments are happy to lift sanctions and now embark upon trade deals with the Myanmar government who is commiting acts of ethnic cleansing and setting up concentration camps, raping the women and mercilessly killing the children. This video details some facts about the state of the Rohingya Muslims and asks some questions as to why the Government of Myanmar and the so called peace loving "Bhuddists" are so vehemently against them. Why is the government of Bangladesh though it is a muslim country also against them that they refuse them afew morsels of food and some shelter as they seek refuge from the genocidal acts commited against them, are they not also muslims? Do they not believe in the same creator Allah and that Muhammed SAW is the last messenger of Allah swt?

An Islamic Perspective on the Olympics

The  closing ceremonies for the London Olympics were performed on August 12th for over ten thousand athletes from 204 nations. It was estimated that 8 million people attended the games in person and close to 4 billion people watched the games from around the world. This year’s Olympics were considered unique for many due to the fact that Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Brunei had sent women participants for the very first time in their history. This move by the 3 Muslim countries was seen as a milestone for the advancement of Muslim women around the worlds.  Origins of the Olympics The Ancient Olympic Games – which began as early as 776 BCE were a series of competitions (i.e. running events, a pentathlon, boxing, etc) held between representatives of several city-states and kingdoms within Greece. Similar to the origins of the Christmas celebration, the Olympics had religious significance, featuring sporting events alongside ritual sacrifices for the idols whom they worshipped. Furthe