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Security Services Support Putin in its Brutality in the War on Islam

In a large staff meeting of the Russian Interior Ministry on 9/3/2017, Vladimir Putin demanded from them to be tough on the war on (extremism and terrorism), adding that there is a need to actively work against those associated with global terrorist organizations. A week did not pass and yet the Interior Ministry in the Republic of Tatarstan rushed to hold a press conference and stated: "In a joint operation with the security services in Tatarstan, 15 leaders and activists in the terrorist organization Islamic Hizb ut Tahrir were arrested, the security forces carried out the operation on March 14th". In the press statement of the Interior Ministry it has been noted that 13   lawsuits were filed according to Article 205, Section 5, Part 1 and 2 of the Federal Constitution of Russia on "organizing and participating in the activities of a terrorist organization”. We, in turn remind that in Kazan and in other regions of Tatarstan large scale inspections and wide arres

The Women’s Section in the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Coordination with Muslimah Hizb ut Tahrir Indonesia Successfully Held a Momentous International Women’s Conference in Indonesia: “Al-Khilafah & Education: Reviving the Golden Age”

On Saturday 11 th of March, the Women’s Section in the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in coordination with Muslimah Hizb ut Tahrir Indonesia successfully hosted a momentous and remarkable International Women’s Conference in Jakarta, Indonesia entitled, “Al-Khilafah & Education: Reviving the Golden Age” . This important event, which was organized to address the causes and solution to the severe ‘Educational Crisis’ affecting the Muslim lands, was attended by around 1700 influential women from various countries as well as from across Indonesia. Delegates included teachers, lecturers, education practitioners responsible for the management of schools, journalists, academics, scholars, university students, youth activists and representatives of organisations. The speeches were delivered by female members of Hizb ut Tahrir from Indonesia, Palestine, Tunisia, the Arab Gulf, Malaysia, Turkey, Holland, and Britain. The atmosphere was electric and there was a resounding and pas

The Palestinian Authority is Engrossed in Surrendering the Waqf (Land) of Tamim Ad-Dari, may Allah be pleased with him Trampling over its Law, Infringing on the People of the Country, and Arresting the Sincere!

For more than a month, the Palestinian Authority (PA) and its most brutal criminals are practicing repression, arrests and intimidation, lies and misinformation in order to close the chapter of the land of the companion Tamim bin Aws Ad-Dari (ra); the PA gave away 72 dunums of land in the heart of the city of Al-Khalil (Hebron) to the hateful and criminal Russians, having been unable to circumvent the judiciary over recent years to give the Russians the ownership of the land of the companion Tamim Ad-Dari and his descendants to the Day of Judgment, this was through a gift from the Messenger of Allah (saw) which was recorded by Ali (ra) and was witnessed by Abu Bakr, Omar, and Othman, may Allah be pleased with them. Nearly a year ago, the PA was quick to issue a ministerial decree to transfer the waqf (endowment) land to the ownership of the state, and then it followed it up on 04/01/2017 with a presidential decree giving the land to the criminal Russians. It violated with this the