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Video: Making Dua' to Allah Azzawajal - Sheikh Abu Talha Malkawi

Speech in Ramadan by Sheikh Dr. Abu Talha Malkawi.

Q&A: The inheritance of those with relations by the womb (Dhuwu Al-Arhaam)

Question: Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakaatuhu, Our honourable Sheikh, May Allah protect you and keep you under His care. In the book, ‘ Funds in the Khilafah State’  in the chapter: ‘The Property that has no Inheritors’ on page 118 the following was mentioned:  “Any property, whether movable or immovable, whose owner has passed away without an inheritor by right or by paternal relations such as where a person dies without a wife, children, father, mother, sisters or paternal relations, is transferred to the Bait ul-Maal as inheritance”. The question is: Does this mean that the Hizb has adopted that the relations of the womb (Dhuwu Al-Arhaam) do not inherit when there are no inheritors by right or of paternal relatives? So in the case where a person dies and there is no inheritor from those who have been stipulated (Furood) and from his paternal relations (‘Asabaat) despite the existence of maternal relatives, does the property that he leaves behind get transferred to

Q&A: The Intention of a Warring Belligerent to Reside in the Islamic State

Question: Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem, Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatu Allah wa Barakatuh, our Esteemed Sheikh, I kindly ask from you to clarify this matter, may Allah reward you greatly. It has been mentioned in the book of Nizam Al Iqtisadi ( The Economic System ) [English version page 339-340/ Arabic p. 302]: “Giving the belligerent protection would also entail protecting his wealth. If he decided to settle in the Islamic State and were given the right of abode, then he decided to leave to the belligerent country… This is because if he left to the belligerent country, but with the intention to remain as a resident of the Islamic State, he would be treated like the Dhimmi who leaves to the belligerent country (Dar ul-Harb); therefore the same rule would apply to both…” The question is: according to my understanding, how can the State know his intention with the consideration that the intention is an intangible reality, and if the case is that the warring belligerent has

Video: The true motivation of a Dawah Carrier - Sheikh Abu Talha

The true motivation of a Dawah Carrier Manakh / Open meeting held, on January 30 2015, in Copenhagen by Sheikh Dr. Abu Talha Malkawi.

How will the Khilafah Rashida organize Hajj?

With the tragic events that has resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives this Hajj we republish an article from 2012 by Ustadh Abu Khalid al Hejazi.  The Islamic state will organize hajj with the objective of serving the pilgrims and assisting them in completing this obligation in the best manner possible. Making money out of the pilgrims, be it for the hotels or the transport or food would not be from its aims, it would rather curtail such practices if they happen. Currently the planning of the Haram mosque doesn’t allow accommodation of more than 3.5 – 4 Million at one time. Considering the current population of the Muslim Ummah and its growth in terms of those accepting Islam the number of Hajis allowed to do Hajj need to be increased. This is the first challenge for the Islamic state. Any increase in the Hajis will require restructuring of the outside area and inside area of the masjid. In 1982 when King Fahd came to power he announced the expansion of the haram and b