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The Inevitability of the Clash of Civilisations by Hizb ut-Tahrir (Part 1)

The following is the translation of an excerpt from the excellent book, The Inevitability of the Clash of Civilisations  issued by global leadership of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Safar 1423 Hijri (May 2002 CE). بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم THE MEANING OF CIVILISATION ( HADHARA ) A civilisation ( hadhara ) is a collection of concepts about life; it can be divine—from god—or it can be from man. The divine civilisation emanates from a doctrine ( 'aqeedah ); for example, the Islamic civilisation emanates from the Islamic aqeedah. The man-made civilisation may emanate from a doctrine or it may not. The western capitalist civilisation is a collection of concepts about life emanating from the doctrine of separating religion from life. Conversely, the Shinto, Greek, Babylonian and Assyrian civilisations do not emanate from a doctrine. This type of civilisation is simply a collection of concepts that a people or a group of peoples have agreed upon, it is called a man-made, or national, civilisa

Talk: Significance of Rajab by Br Soadad Doureihi

Talk 1 titled "The Significance of Rajab: A Journey through History" by Br Soadad Doureihi "from the Public Lecture titled "The Significance of Rajab 2013" held by Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia on the 25/05/2013 in Sydney, Australia.

The month of Rajab and the great Ghazwah of Tabuk | Sheikh Issam Ameirah

The following is a translation from Arabic. Jum'ah Khutbah: Rajab and the Ghazwah of Tabuk: A comparison between the Messenger (saw), the Khulafaa and the rulers of our day. First part: O people: We have now entered the month of Rajab and in this month in the 9th year of Hijrah the Messenger of Allah (saw) went out on the military expedition (Ghazwah) of Tabuk. It was last military expedition that he undertook and it was known as the Ghazwah of Al-'Usrah (Hardship). The reason for the Ghazwah was that a number of traders who had come from Ash-Shaam began to spread that the Romans had gathered a host and wanted launch a major military expedition. Heraclius   had joined his army and he called his main military leaders in the region against the Messenger of Allah (saw) and they gathered in Al-Balqaa' (which lies in South-east Jordan) whilst he (Heraclius) was waiting in Homs. Therefore the Messenger of Allah (saw) sent his companions to Tabuk which was in the lan

The Defensive Approach - A Result of Intellectual Decline

The following is an extract from the translation of the excellent book 'A Warm Call from Hizb ut-Tahrir to the Muslims' . It addresses errors of the defensive approach that we continue to see today when Islam is put in the dock.  The struggle between the Islamic Ummah as one Ummah and the Kuffar as peoples and nations continued for thirteen consecutive centuries. The conflict between Islam as a Deen, her unique way of life and Kufr also continued throughout these past thirteen centuries. At the advent of the thirteenth century (nineteenth century CE), the capitalist system, which is a system of Kufr, challenged the system of Islam in its thoughts and emotions. It was but a short round before the Muslims fell defeated. It was an intellectual blow that was followed by the destructive political subjugation. However, Islam was not truly defeated and it will never be defeated, because it and it alone is the truth. How is it that Islam remains in the arena of conflict whilst its

Israel Mossad chief: Bashar al Assad is Israel's best man in Syria

A short clip referring to a ex Israeli Mossad chief saying that Israel's best man in Syria is Assad - he who has continued his father's legacy of not lifting a finger at the Israeli occupation of the Golan Heights and general subjugation of Syria by the Israelis.

The revolution in Syria will continue on a knife edge until it achieves the victory

Moaz Al-Khateeb is still striving like a snake to gather the betrayers from the opposition to accept the selling out of the revolution and to save the Syrian regime in response to American pressures. They wish to finish off the revolution with politics after the failure of the massacres and destruction perpetrated with western compliance. The form of the guidelines for the coming Geneva summit is - The formation of a joint government made up of members from the regime and opposition with limited mandatory powers whilst the army and security apparatus remains untouched with no accountability or justice being brought against the criminals and the tyrant remains in his post whilst retaining the right to stand in the forthcoming elections. Is it possible for any believer or rational sane or free person to be satisfied with the remaining of the regime after they went out on to the streets to change it and after the sacrifices we have made in its path and whilst he is still commi

The Tyrant of ash-Sham and the Iranian Regime and its Hizb in Lebanon Repeat Hulagu's Destruction of Baghdad in Qusair!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم The Tyrant of ash-Sham and the Iranian Regime and its Hizb in Lebanon Repeat Hulagu's Destruction of Baghdad in Qusair! Approximately seven centuries ago in the year 656 AH, Hulagu Khan destroyed Baghdad after a severe siege. People were massacred in large numbers, houses and mosques were demolished, books and libraries were burned, and crops and livestock were destroyed. The Tigris River, penetrating Baghdad, was witness to this destruction as its water was diluted with human blood and the ink from books. Today stripped from any humility before Allah, His Messenger or even the believers, tyrants indulge in Muslims' blood in Qusair. The tyrant of ash-Sham strikes Qusair with lethal explosives and competing with him is Hizb ‘Iran' (Hezbollah) with its missiles and launchers, the latter of which is indirectly but directly lead by Iran through human interference and logistic support in the form of trucks and airplanes. The attack on the area

Q&A: The axis in Syria involved in the struggle by Sheikh Ata’ Abu Rashtah

The following is a translation of an answer posted on the official Facebook page of Sheikh Ata' Abu Rashtah: The axis in Syria involved in the struggle Question: To our Ameer, is this page specific to Fiqhi matters and if it is not so then I have the following question: It is noticeable in the war that is occurring in the land of Ash-Shaam (greater Syria) that there exists a number of regional axes in addition to the axis of two main states. 1) The Saudi axis and the key to the work in it is Ash-Sheikh Al-'Ar'oor and he has for example the Liwaa Al-Islaam (brigade) in Dumaa and he was in the act of forming the joint military command with Tayfoor (of the Muslim brotherhood). 2) The Qatari axis: In addition to containing the Syrian national alliance it has  worked as an obstacle from the beginning to the national council and has supported the national  coordination (council) and has therefore adopted to support the