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America's 'pivot' and North Korea

By  Adnan Khan Tensions have reached unprecedented levels in the Asia-pacific region, ever since North Korea tested a long range rocket in December 2012, which put a satellite into space. Subsequent sanctions by the UN led to North Korea conducting an underground nuclear test on the 12 February 2013, its third in seven years. This resulted in fresh sanctions on Pyongyang by the UN and set the stage for aggressive statements and actions by both Washington and Pyongyang. Events have now escalated with the US dispatching two additional destroyers to the region, as well as sending missile defense units to Guam. North Korea reciprocated by scrapping the Korean War armistice, threatening to attack both the US and South Korea with military strikes and declared it has entered into a state of war with South Korea. The aggressive statements by the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un led to the US escalating tensions through a number of provocative actions in its annual US-South Korea mil

The Sanctity of Human Life

Our world today has unfortunately become accustomed to sights of death and destruction. TV stations and news sites have been broadcasting horrifying images from the bomb blasts in Boston. Among the 3 victims killed in the bomb blast was an 8-year-old boy, Martin Richard, who was waiting to see his father cross the finish line. Indeed, this is a terrible calamity. The tragedy of this event, however, is part of a global phenomenon where we witness people failing to uphold the sanctity of human life.  In fact the Muslim Ummah witnesses the bloodshed of innocents on a routine basis, particularly in Pakistan, Burma, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria: ·         In Pakistan, on Sunday, the day before the bombing in Boston, people were greeted with similar scenes of death and destruction. However, as reported by CBS, these deaths were caused by "suspected US drone" strikes. The strikes did not hit a military base, but were directed towards a house, which resulted in the death of 4

Q&A: Meaning of Khums (the fifth share) in the verse of booty | Sheikh Ata’ Abu Rashta

The following is the translation of an Arabic Q&A from the website of t he noble jurist and mufassir Sheikh `Ata’ Ibn Khalil Abu Rashta (Allah preserve him). Question:  It is stated in the book "The one in authority over the Muslims (Khalifah) is entrusted to distribute and dispose of the booties and the spoils of war as he deems it appropriate". Then what sense the stipulation "a fifth share…." does have in the speech of Allah (SWT)? As He (SWT) said:  (واعلموا أنما غنمتم من شيء فأن لله خمسه) “And know that out of all the booty that you may acquire (in war), a fifth share is assigned to Allah and to the Messenger .”  Does it signify that if Khalifah intends to distribute the booty and gives the bait-ul-mal it share, he is restricted up to the fifth share (this is contrary to what I have understood about this matter) or he can, for example, take half of the booty for bait-ul-mal and distribute the second half among the soldiers. In short,

How Will the Islamic Ummah Revive Today?

The following is the translation of an Arabic leaflet issued at the time of Sheikh Taqiuddin an-Nabhani. Revival is the intellectual elevation. While the economical elevation is not a revival. An evidence of that is Kuwait which is economically much more elevated than some of the European states like Sweden , Holland and Belgium : Yet Sweden, Holland and Belgium are elevated and Kuwait is not. The ethical elevation is not a revival as well. An evidence of that is that Madina today is superior to any country in the world ethically (morally), yet it is not elevated. Thus revival is the intellectual elevation. But this revival could be true (proper) revival or untrue. So America , Europe and Russia are revived countries, but their revival is incorrect. Because it is not established on a spiritual foundation, since the true revival is the intellectual revival which is established on the spiritual foundation. If the intellectual elevation is not based on the spiritual foundat

Al-Waqf (Endowment) in Islam | Ustadh Abu Anas

Video of circle on the topic of Al-Waqf (Endowment) in Islam by Ustadh Abu Anas

What the Khilafah Is and Is Not?

Talk by Br Wassim Doureihi on What the Khilafah Is and Is Not?

Stan Grant speaks to Uthman Badar about Boston bombings | April 2013

Interview of Uthman Badar (media representative of Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia) with Stan Grant on Newsnight 22/04/13 (Skynews) about the Boston bombings and broader related issues. Connect with Uthman on Facebook ( ) and/or Twitter ( ).

Q&A: Timings of Salah (prayer) by Sheikh Ata’ Abu Rashta

The following is the translation of an Arabic Q&A from the website of t he noble jurist and mufassir Sheikh `Ata’ Ibn Khalil Abu Rashta (Allah preserve him). Question: I am among the Shabab from Finland with a question regarding timings for Iftar in our region where even if the sun goes down, it is not ‘dark as night’ rather it remains like the twilight which appears shortly after the sunset. Please note that I live in a remote area of northern Finland which is about 800 km away from its capital Helsinki and there is hardly any group of Muslim. So, how can we ascertain the time of fasting at dawn? Since the time of what appears to be sunset is about 11.00 PM, while the time of Fajr is difficult to ascertain due to the absence of what is generally considered to be ‘night’. So is it correct for us to delay our Ramadan fasts to a later date?? Also does the absence of a determined time of fasting (Imsak) affect the correctness of fasting, since the fasting begins (when you c

Continuing the Dawah until it Reaches the Whole World | Br Wassim Doureihi

Weekly talk given by Br Wassim Doureihi on Continuing the Dawah until it Reaches the Whole World

The Self-Defeating Mimic: A Walking Paradox

A liberating moment occurs when the oppressed can think beyond the imaginary horizon constructed by the oppressor. A liberation of the consciousness and the inauguration of an emancipatory trajectory begins when the colonized realizes that what his oppressor had deemed desirable and natural is in fact undesirable and artificial and that which was deemed impossible is in fact inevitable. Servility however is the state in which the colonizer sets the ‘universe of possibilities’ for the colonized, as what is possible or impossible is determined by the scope of action and the narrative super-imposed on the colonized subject. He is at once paralyzed, yet ignorant of his state of servility as he continues to pursue the limited trajectories for so-called liberation within the scope of ‘possibility’ pre-set by the violent colonizer. History testifies that this is indeed the epitome of servility (for the colonized) and the strongest medium and expression of power (for the colonizer). For wh