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Analysis: Who killed Benazir Bhutto?

The following is from the website, Release of two new videos showing the assassin of Benazir Bhutto firing shots with a hand gun just feet away from her vehicle and the impact of the bullets upon the head of Benazir Bhutto prior to the explosion corroborate the testimonies of eye witnesses who saw shots being fired at the former Pakistani premier as she left the fatal election rally in Rawalpindi. In addition, testimonies from close aides to Bhutto who witnessed her wounds at the time of the attack and when her body was washed for burial confirmed that her death had been caused by shots to the neck/head. This new evidence coupled with the scenes of Pakistani security forces washing the crime scene just hours after the assassination and conflicting statements from the Interior Ministry claiming that Benazir's death was caused by shrapnel wounds to the head, later revised to "had bumped her head on the sunroof" have fuelled speculation that Mushar

Christmas time - will you be going to the party?

The school term is coming to a close. The atmosphere lifts as the daily drudgery of school life gives way to the festive season. The jingle of bells and colourful decoration transform the usual drab school corridors. The sound of feet on hard wooden floors gives way to joyous laughter and the humming of Christmas carols. The festive season supposedly heralds a period of goodwill and an end to hostilities and conflict. However it is not so joyous for all, especially for the Muslim pupil. Like all the other kids he has received plentiful cards from his friends wishing him a 'Merry Christmas', which he promptly files away in the bin. As in previous years he is also invited to the annual school Christmas party. Last year he couldn't go because he had an urgent appointment at the dentist, or so he told his friends. So what does he do this year? He can't use the dentist excuse again. Does he grab his heart and fake a heart attack? Does he grit his teeth and just go to keep th

What did you do on Eid?

Picture the scenario on a cold misty November night. The last of the tarawih prayers are offered across the mosques in the country. All eyes and ears are upon the Imam as he takes to the minbar; he awaits confirmation, which is provided by a whisper in his ear. Smiles of jubilation erupt across the congregation as the Imam praises Allah (swt) making supplication that the good deeds of Ramadhan are accepted and announces that the new crescent moon has indeed been sighted and the blessed day of Eid ul Fitr has arrived. On the day of Eid the Muslims arrive in their droves, dressed in their best garments and glorifying Allah (swt) as the Eid Takbeers reverberate around the Masjid. The sweet smell of musk wafts across the prayer area. The congregation stands shoulder to shoulder for the salah and warmly embrace each other at the end of the Eid Khutbah. People return home to delicious food and their families. Phone calls are conducted overseas and sweets and gifts are exchanged. Relatives pa

We shouldn't grieve for Benazir

It is likely that Benazir Bhutto's assassination was carried out by Musharraf regime and not Islamic groups. Muslims should not shed any tears for the tyrants and oppressors who have spent their lives looting and pillaging the wealth of the ummah whilst serving the interests of the kaafir colonialists in the West. Benazir, like Nawaz Sharif and like Musharraf showed open enmity to Islam and this Ummah. Her life was dedicated to serving the West and destroying Pakistan. Consider the following list of her assets, did she aquire them by normal Halal means or was it through exploiting her position and looting the wealth of the public? I think the answer is obvious. The following are the Assets of MS Benazir Bhuto declared for the assessment year 1999-2000 (AS 30.06.1999) : ASSETS COST VALUE Bilawal House (Self) Rs.3000000 Rs.3000000 1/2 share in 90 Clifton Karachi (Self) Rs.112500 Rs.112500 Shop in Corniche (Ms Bakhtawar) Rs.300000 Rs.300000 Plot in Nawabshah (Ms. Asifa) Rs.7000 Rs.700

Da'wah carriers arrested & tortured by Palestinian Authority

The following is a summary of the main points mentioned in a release by Hizb ut-Tahrir Palestine issued on 04/12/07. Shabab of Hizb ut-Tahrir arrested and tortured by the suppressing Palestinian authority because of promoting the Shariah viewpoint concerning the Annapolis summit Hizb ut-Tahrir Palestine organized five peaceful marches in the West Bank and one in Gaza on 27/11/2007 under the banner “Palestine will be liberated by the march of the armies not by the crawling of the negotiators” to show the dangers of the Annapolis summit and to warn the Muslims of the dangers of the Annapolis summit and directing the call from the surroundings of the Bayt Al Maqdis to the Muslim Ummah and the Muslim army to initiate the move to liberate Palestine. The security agencies of the Palestinian authority in the West Bank strove to repress these peaceful marches by firing live bullets, inflicting severe beatings and using tear gas - resulting in hundreds of wounded, many arrests, including arrest

Hoarding of wealth is prohibitted

The phenomenon of maldistribution of wealth among individuals all over the world is one of the realities reflected clearly in all aspects of daily life, to the extent that this does not require an evidence to be proven, and what people suffer due to the flagrant disparity in meeting their needs cannot be over-emphasised. Capitalism had made several attempts at tackling this phenomenon but to no avail. When the capitalist economists study the theory of income distribution, they completely ignore the mal distribution of individual income, and become contented with the publication of figures and statistics without offering a solution and without any comment. However, despite the relative parity among people as far as the basic needs are concerned, there may be some very wealthy individuals in the society; Islam has not imposed the parity on ownership, but rather obliged that every individual is independent from others in his ordinary needs. Bukhari reported that the Messenger of Allah sai

Letters from Uzbekistan - Part 3

The following is from a series of letters from the Da'wah carriers in Uzbekistan which have been translated. Please also read: Karimov's brutality will only strengthen the believers On June 15, 2002 the head of operative unit of UYA-64/71 Jaslyk colony, major of NSS Qollekmiev Alisher prepared 6 cells in the basement of the building - narrow, damp, dark, airless cells designated for two prisoners each - to perform the most of brutal tortures. Colonel Saidhosilov Sodiq, a person in charge of this colony, mentioned this place in his speech before prisoners on November of 2000 and said, “Now please forget about that basement, it was erroneously constructed, do not mention it before commissions, it is not fit to even keep dogs, let alone people.” The reason of preparing it for the second time is to keep those who reject to sing the anthem of Uzbekistan and refuse to obey the first required item. This item consists of the following words, “Assalamu alaykum, dear chief. We love the

Misconception regarding luxury (taraf)

Allah (swt) said: “ Till when We grasp the (town’s) luxurious ones with punishment, behold! They started to supplicate. ” [Al-Mu’minun: 64]. The luxurious ones here means the arrogant tyrants. Allah (swt) said also: “ And We sent not unto any township a warner, but its luxurious ones declared: Lo! We are disbelievers in that which you bring to us. ” [Saba’a:34] The luxurious ones are those who are haughty (arrogant) towards the believers because of their high level of wealth and children. Allah (swt) also said: “ The wrongdoers followed that by which they were made surrounded with luxury. ” [Hud: 116] What is meant by those who were surrounded with luxury is that they turned towards their whims i.e. followed their whims. Allah (swt) said: “ And when We would destroy a township We send commandment to its tyrant folk (luxurious ones) and afterward, they commit abomination therein. ”[Al-Isra: 16

Poem: Five Pillars Strong

Five pillars strong this deen You made, To counterbalance sins when deeds are weighed. The first is once to say that You are One, Muhammad is Your messenger and slave, not son. Salah is five a day till life is done, Five periods marked by movement of the sun. Give half of five percent of wealth to eight, Lest just amongst the rich it circulate. For fasting You prescribed a month a year, To know the hypocrite from the sincere. And Hajj, one journey to Your Sacred House, Where Abraham did leave his son and spouse. So here I am, my Allah, I am here Here I am. No partner do you have nor peer. Here I am. To You all praise and favor, Yours is the dominion. Without partner. Abu Khadija Zill Hajj, 2007

Drugs: Filling the ‘Guidance Void’

The Canadian government recently proposed tougher sentencing on drugs. Critics argue that this approach fails to address the underlying causes of the problem. What both sides fail to admit is that freedom actually encourages drug use, as the Capitalist ideology encourages indulgence in desire – without restriction. More importantly, Capitalism denies spirituality, as it restricts Deen only to have a role in personal affairs. However, humanity needs guidance in all affairs – including societal affairs. Islam is the only system that implements the Laws of Allah (swt) in all spheres of life in a manner that agrees with man's innate nature (fitrah), convinces his mind, and fills his heart with tranquillity. Last week, the Canadian government introduced legislation that would impose mandatory minimum prison sentences on anyone convicted of trafficking illegal drugs. The government defended the measure as a means to deal with “drug producers and dealers who threaten the safety of our com

The Magnitude of Hajj

It is the time of year when many Muslims will be preparing for Hajj. They will be learning the duties of Hajj and memorising du'as and rituals before leaving for Makkah. Friends and relatives will come to visit before they set off and they will ask forgiveness from each other for past mistakes. The guests will be asking those travelling to remember them in their dua's and excitement and anticipation will start to build long before the departure date arrives. Many will have waited all their lives for this moment, having saved for years to fulfil this great obligation. Many will travel great distances from far off lands for this opportunity to achieve the immeasurable reward that Hajj has to offer. Allah (swt) explains this in the Quran: “And proclaim to mankind the Hajj. They will come to you on foot and on every lean camel, they will come from every deep and distant (wide) mountain highway (to perform Hajj).”[TMQ Al-Hajj: 27] For some, it has become a regular occurrence, going