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Imam Shafi did not change Islam according to changing times and places

Those who wish the Ummah to accept submission before US hegemony have sought to amend Islam so that it does not exceed the boundaries set by Blair and Bush. They carry the old call of “modernism”. They would have us accept the Western way of life because the West is strong. Such a call is in fact just one part of the crusade against Islam that is being waged under the guise of a “war against terrorism”. The modernisers who sit in the courts of Blair and Bush and at the feet of the tyrant rulers in the Muslim countries suggest that Islam can change from time to time, and from place to place. The consequence of this concept is that certain rules of Islam, would not apply, due to the new environment they live in, and that we live in a new time and age. So rules regarding riba, marriage, social interaction, international law, ruling systems, would need to be updated, according to the said principle. The proponents of this understanding use the example of Imam Shafi to legitimise t

Houthi Militias follow the way of the Oppressors in Fabricating Charges against Members of Hizb ut-Tahrir

Houthi (Ansar Allah) militias continue to detain the two members of Hizb ut Tahrir, Brother Yehia Hussein Dakhlaa, age 40, and Brother Saleh Jibran Al Dhalmi, age 23, who were arrested on Friday 15/11/2014 CE from their homes, without guilt, except that they said a word of truth and distributed a press release issued by the party about the new government in which it addressed the international conflict in Yemen, which has become an obvious fact not secret to anyone with sense. In fact, we have issued a press release prior to this release on the arrest of the two mentioned Shababs, wherein we addressed the wise ones in this group to release the detainees and to understand the aim of Hizb ut Tahrir, its thought and its methodology for change, but all to no avail. In addition the families of the two members and some members of the party had pursued and met with officials in the group where some of them seemed understanding and concerned but are confronted with a negative feedback

Only Islam Will Eradicate Modern Slavery

News: Nearly 36 million men, women and children are living in modern slavery worldwide in 2014, according to the second edition of Walk Free's Global Slavery Index (GSI) describing modern slavery as a "hidden crime" and "big business." The organisation defined modern slavery as the deprivation of individual liberty for the purpose of exploitation. This broad definition includes many slavery-related practices such as human trafficking, forced labor, debt bondage, forced marriage, commercial sexual exploitation and the sale and exploitation of children. Comment: The survey has shown that modern slavery exists throughout each of the 167 surveyed countries. Accordingly India –the world's largest democracy – has with 14 million out of a 1.2 billion population the highest number of enslaved people in the world, followed by China (3.2 million), Pakistan (2.1 million), Uzbekistan (1.2 million), Russia (1.05 million), Nigeria (834,200), the Democratic Rep

Ofsted – The tool used by “muscular liberals” to convert Muslim children

Ofsted has become the tool for the ‘forced conversion’ of Muslim kids, writes Dr Abdul Wahid. Britain’s “counter-extremism” policy, Prevent is a lie. It has nothing to do with protecting the public from bombs, guns and knives. Over the past few years, it has slowly exposed itself as an exercise in demonising political and religious views by calling them “extreme”, so making “Joe Public” fearful that the people who hold those views are only a step away from acts of ‘terror’. Once upon a time British politicians used to pretend that they wanted to see Islam “adjusted” to fit into modern Britain. Now they’ve dropped this pretense in favour of muscular liberalism, meaning that they won’t be satisfied until a Muslim leaves his or her religion at home, espouses secular liberal values and is unquestioningly loyal to Britain’s colonial policies in the Muslim world. Ofsted Ofsted was once the impartial schools inspectorate. Now it has become one arm of the Secular Inquisition to

Explanation of At-Takattul al-Hizbi (Party Structuring) - Part 19

Sharh At-Takattul Al-Hizbi  (Explanation of  Party Structuring ).  This is a translation from the explanation of the unique book by Sheikh Taqiuddin an-Nabhani.  To access part 18 click  here The Ummah however will not revive without a Takattul. It is noticeable that the individual work does not work and cannot possibly lead to any real result at all. If someone wanted to revive the Ummah upon a clear basis he would inevitably find himself working to establish a Takattul. This is because when he calls the people as individuals and groups to the Da’wah that he carries and to the basis he wants the Ummah to revive upon, an individual or individuals could respond positively to him. It will then be necessary for him to culture them with the culture that he has prepared or to clarify the aim that he is striving to achieve. Then when these individuals go out with what they have learnt and what they have believed in, and call the people to their idea and their ob

The Muslim revolutions: That which is required to make them a sound and productive process towards change

Al-Wa'ie Issue 334 Dhu-l-Qa'dah 1435/September 2014 Introductory word from Al-Wa'ie: The Muslim revolutions: That which is required to make them a sound and productive process towards change and the path forward. Four years ago the talk was about a radical change from the roots and a comprehensive revolution within the Arab lands which was met with huge skepticism and mockery by many at the time. Then the region exploded like a volcano which tossed its lava out in all directions following the 'Bouazizi' incident witnessed by the small town of Sayyidi Bouzaid in Tunisia. The storm then spread to Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Bahrain and Al-Iraq whilst having a much lesser effect in Jordan, Morocco and Sudan amongst other lands. However these revolutions have all failed until now to meet the aspirations of the people in terms of rooting out corruption, oppression, despotism, subjugation, shame, humiliation, poverty and servitude to the foreigner.