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Paris Conspiratorial Conference Confines the Solution for the Issue of Palestine in the “Treacherous” Negotiation Solution

With a wide international participation and presence of the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the final statement of the International Peace Conference, which was held in the French capital Paris on Sunday, confirmed that a negotiated solution of two states, Jewish entity and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security is the only way to achieve lasting peace . We, in Hizb ut Tahrir in the Blessed Land of Palestine, consider all those who participated in the conference or welcomed its outputs is a conspirator against Palestine and its people, a squanderer of the Blessed Land of Palestine for the Jewish occupation. We affirm the following: Palestine is an Islamic land usurped and occupied by the Jews who established their terrorist entity on it and forced its people to migrate from it, with the help of France; the sponsor of the conference, Britain; the owner of the infamous Balfour Declaration, and America; the supporter of the Jewish entity with mo

The US dropped 24,287 bombs on Syria and Iraq in 2016, stripping its bases worldwide of high-tech weapons, while its capitalist companies race to maintain supplies of bombs

The US dropped 24,287 bombs on Syria and Iraq during 2016, according to a Defense One analysis published on the 5 th of January, 2017, by the staff of the US-based Council on Foreign Relations. This means that on average, 67 bombs were dropped every day on Syria and Iraq. On the same day as the shocking Defense One analysis, the US Department of Defense website listed the number of strikes for the 5 th of January against Syria as 15 strikes, and detailed 23 targets destroyed in these strikes, as well as additional targets destroyed in 10 strikes that day in Iraq. The vicious frenzy of the US onslaught has been so great that American military planners been forced to shift supplies of bombs from Europe and the Pacific to maintain the pace of the bombing, according to a Wall Street Journal report, also on the 5 th of January, 2017, that went under the subtitle of: “Boeing, Lockheed, BAE ramp up production as surge of airstrikes against Islamic State strains supplies of precise bo

Q&A : The Actual American Policy towards Russia and China

Question: US President Obama announced on 29/12/2016, three weeks before his departure, of a number of tough sanctions against Russia, including the expulsion of a large number of Russian diplomats from the US, 35 diplomats and the closure of missions and complexes of Russian diplomats in Maryland and New York under the pretext of espionage. All this escalation in tensions is against the backdrop of US accusations of Russia’s cyber hacking the US elections. Does this require all of these procedures? Or there is a change in Russia's role in Syria that necessitated these actions? Or are there other reasons especially that Trump professes to improve relations with Russia while Obama is making it worse! Jazak Allah Khair. Answer: In order to get a clear response, we need to review the reality of what happened and then we review the questions you raised: First : As for what actually happened, it is true that the current US administration is actually worsening US-Russian r

On the Lines of the Turkish Regime in the North, Step by Step Has the Jordanian Regime in the South Unmasked its True Face?

On the impact of the shock of the people of Syria, due to the unmasking of Erdogan’s regime and its disgraceful role in surrendering Aleppo, and in the charged atmosphere of hatred on all those who let down the people of Syria. Regimes, rulers and leaders of the factions, the Jordanian regime presented its new known relationship with the tyrant Bashar’s regime. In a statement by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Jordanian army, Lt. Gen. Mahmoud Freihat, for the British BBC channel, on Friday, 30/12/2016, where he said: "We from the beginning of the Syrian crisis never acted against President Bashar al-Assad's regime in Syria ... our relations with the regime (Syria) is still open ... our borders are still open ... diplomatic relations until now continue." Lt. Gen. Freihat stressed that the Jordanian army waits for the control of its Syrian counterpart on Daraa for it to open the border. He has also ruled out the reopening of the border crossings between

Following the Presidency… An American Government in Lebanon

On Wednesday 28/12/2016 the Lebanese government, under the leadership of Sa’ad Al-Hariri, attained the confidence of the parliament, in the second sitting that the parliament has designated to discuss the ministerial statement, by a majority of 87 votes from an original number of 92, where 4 parliamentarians voted against giving the vote of confidence and one abstained. ( 28/12/2016) This consolidates the reach of the American hand within Lebanon and that was after the ally of the party of the Iranian republic, Michel Aoun secured the presidency on 31/10/2016. Then confidence was granted to this government under the guardianship of the regional followers of America, Saudi and Iran. The one who scrutinizes the formation of this government notices that the American men in Lebanon are found in the sensitive ministries like the defense, foreign, internal, justice and finance ministries. As for the ministries of crumbs then they were left to internal wrangling, where the

Member of the Treacherous Iranian Regime Proposes Sterilization of its Homeless Women

On Sunday the 1st of January, a deputy provincial governor in the Iranian capital said that homeless women in Tehran who are drug-dependent and who also practice prostitution should be encouraged to be sterilized. He stated that over 20 percent of them have AIDS and they spread various diseases and that in addition to spreading depravity, these women reproduce like hatching machines and as their children have no guardians, they sell them. He commented, “There is a project, a reality, an opinion, agreed on by many NGOs and the social elite, that if a woman is sick, and is also a sex worker and has no place to stay, she should be sterilized with her own approval, and not forcefully. The sterilization should be done through a project to convince homeless women to prevent social harm”. In recent years, there has been a growing crisis in Tehran where street children are born and sold by homeless or poor women living in and around the capital. Thousands of such children are put to work a

"Ceasefire" an Alleged Victory, Rather a Confirmed Surrender

After repeated appeals to unite the factions to confront the danger impending the revolution of Ash-Sham, here they are, its leaders have finally united, but for a cease-fire with the violator of the honors and the murderer of children, women and elderly. So, they folded six years of sacrifices, and cast aside the martyrs’ rivers of the blood. Though, they are who promised them a victory or martyrdom and pledged them allegiance for jihad for the sake of Allah, but the will of the supporters refused except to break their promise and countermand their allegiance, turning them into brokers in the filthy market of negotiations. There is no doubt that reaching the ceasefire was the result of American-Russian understandings, and was one of the decisions of Vienna over a year ago, and America was able to achieve it through the Russia and Turkey pincer jaws, to translate on the ground into this shameful and humiliating agreement, and to put the revolution on the massacre of political ne