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The rulings relating to the denial of the Munkar (evil) | Dr. Haikal

The following is from the translation of the Doctoral Thesis on the subject of Al-Jihaad in the Early Period of Islam, the Islamic Fiqh and the Current Era (Al-Jihaad Wal-Qitaal fee as-Siyaasah Ash-Shar’iyah) by Dr. Muhammad Khair Haikal The Fifth Study   Fighting (Al-Qitaal) in defence of the public sanctities (Al-Hurumaat Al-‘Aammah) within the Islamic society Introduction: About the definition of the Hurumaat Al-‘Aammah (public sanctities) and the general Shar’iy Daleel in respect to Al-Qitaal (fighting) for the purpose of defending them.   In the previous section we spoke about fighting in defence of the private sanctities; An-Nafs (self), Al-‘Ird (honour) and Al-Maal (property), or what has been called ‘Daf’u As-Siyaal’ i.e. repelling the aggression or assault.   There is another type or form of As-Siyaal (aggression or assault) which we will discuss now. That is the Siyaal (aggression or assault) upon the society, represented in an assault undertaken against the