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Q&A: Broad Outlines of the Failed Military Coup in ‪‎Turkey‬- Sheikh Ata' Bin Khalil Abu Rashta

Question: Although it has only been a day and part of a day, but I hope to get an explanation, even if broad outlines of what happened in Turkey coup attempt: Who is behind it? Is it really the Gulen Movement? Or are they officers in the army loyal to the British? And what is expected after that? May Allah reward you. Answer: After following and reflecting on what happened in Turkey during the two days of the 15 and 16/7/2016 CE, it is likely that those who attempted the coup are risk-taking officers loyal to the British who were in danger, this is due to the following facts: 1. Whether they were at risk of being in danger, since the Turkish Military High Council (YAŞ) regularly convenes late this month of July or early next month of August every year. The authorities of this Council are many and of great significance to the army. Therefore it is held under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister at the headquarters of the General Staff in Ankara, and is attended by the Defense M

This Bloody Coup Attempt, Specifically Initiated at the Expense of Massacring their Own People, is TERRORISM! - Media Office of HT Wilayah Turkey

Yesterday evening a “Military Coup” attempt has been initiated by those who have no notion of this ancient people’s values nor its Islamic identity, has caused, just like a bloody “terrorist” attack, a massacre of innocent Muslims. This reckless bloody initiated coup attempt has brought the soldiers who are the sons of Muslims, with the Muslim people and the police face to face, this caused the deaths of hundreds of people and thousands wounded. We in  Hizb ut Tahrir Wilayah Turkey  strongly condemn and reject this bloody coup initiation and pray to Allah to have mercy for the murdered Muslims. Because of the YAŞ (Military High Council) that was supposed to take place during these days and the decisions to be taken, those responsible for the military coup expected them to be against them and show their survival is at risk may have taken proactive unwise actions that does not rely on the people and their wants but to the colonialist states that support them. Therefore their downfal

Analysis of Turkey Coup - Ustadh Sa'ed Ridwan

- What is taking place in the land of Shaam is a vital issue for all international and regional parties. That is because the struggle in Shaam is an issue of life and death for the Muslims firstly, Europe secondly, America thirdly and then to all of the other parties. The one who comes out profitable will be the master of the coming stage whilst the loser will we be trodden under the feet and will exit from the international situation lowly and humiliated. - America has since the launch of the Syrian revolution striven its hardest to marginalise all international parties from interfering in Syria and those who did intervene only did so with the American permission and by its request, the last of which was Russia. - All American attempts whether political, through negotiations accompanied by the criminal barbaric killing, to apply pressure upon the Syrian revolution so that they accept the American solutions have failed, despite all of the crimes that they have committed against

HT Turkey Statement on Attempted Coup: 15 July 2016

HT Turkey Statement on Attempted Coup: 15 July 2016 Hizb ut-Tahrir has issued a statement on the attempted coup on Friday 15 July 2016. Below is a translation from the Turkish of this statement. Statement from Hizb ut-Tahrir Turkey on the Coup Attempt [Translated from Turkish to English] Hizb ut-Tahrir Turkey condemns the coup attempt in Turkey. We squarely accuse the Western, neo-colonial powers in this regard and we make the following points in this relation: – We strongly condemn this act – a terrorist and bloody act – that could not have happened without Western blessing and the green light of America etc. – The Gulen Movement – if indeed it is behind the act – could not have planned it without knowledge and facilitation from the neo-colonialist West that forever harbours hatred for Muslims (and their revival). – All fingers must ultimately point to the West that some politicians and military officers in Turkey take as allies and friends and whom they

Q&A: Turkey‬ and its Relationship to its Neighbours

Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem Question‬: The ‪‎Turkish‬ Prime Minister on 13/07/2016 stated that Turkey will restore normal relations with ‪#‎Syria‬. “Zaman-Arabic” published on 13/07/2016 the following: “The Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim announced that Turkey will seek to restore normal relations with Syria” … So what is the motive behind this sudden Turkish policy change from one opposite to another in relation to Syria? Is it Turkish-Syrian reconciliation? Or is it the US policy which is influencing the Turkish policy? Jazaakallahu Khairan. ‎Answer‬: In order to answer the mentioned issues clearly we shall examine the following matters: Firstly: The talk about Turkish-Russian reconciliation began after Binali Yildirim took over the Prime Minister post and Davultoglu was sacked/resigned. It was reported in the Turkey Post (04/06/2016), after around ten days of Erdogan appointing him on 22/05/2016 as Prime Minister, “Binali announced that the new government wi

Q&A:British Referendum Results to Leave the European Union

Question : A referendum took place in Britain on 23/06/2016 about remaining in the European or leaving it. The result was approximately 52% in favour of leaving. Following that the British Prime Minister Cameron announced his resignation on the basis that his government would remain for three months... So was the result of the referendum the opposite of what Cameron had wanted? And what is the economic and political impact of Britain exiting from the EU? And is Britain's exit from the EU become a definitely decided matter, meaning does Britain not have a plan to return? Then (in addition) is there an American role within the issue? Jazaakallahu Khairan Answer : To clarify the picture and to make evident the preponderant view in relation to the matters that the question has provoked, we will examine the following: 1 - Britain has since the economic crisis of 2008 continuously put the spotlight upon its problems with the EU and how the EU does not function in Britain&#