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Recent Developments in the Cyprus Issue

Question : The talks on Cyprus were concluded on Friday, 20/01/2017, after they were resumed on 18/1/2017. These negotiations staggered since the beginning of 2013 and stalled since November 2014, but were re-launched in May 2015 and continued to stop and start until late 2016. Then it was powerfully and strikingly set off on 09/01/2017 in Geneva to re-unite Cyprus with the participation of Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci, and his Greek Cypriot counterpart Nicos Anastasiades. The negotiations were joined by the three guarantors states of the security of Cyprus namely Turkey, Greece and Britain along with the European Union ...  So what is the latest on the issue of Cyprus that led to its resumption in this active way? What is the solution expected for the Cyprus issue? May Allah reward you with goodness. Answer : To answer these questions we must review this issue from its different aspects: local, regional, and international, and then the overlapping aspects: locally, reg

American President Trump is not more of a criminal than his predecessors

None of them have spared any effort in their maliciousness against Islam and Muslims News: The White House announced that the new president (Donald Trump) is open to the idea of ​​carrying out joint operations with Russia against the " Islamic state Organisation" in Syria. And prior to this, the Pentagon denied the Russian Defense Ministry report that the US along with Russia jointly carried out airstrikes against the " Islamic state Organisation." On Sunday. He (Spicer) said that (Trump) informed the US Secretary of Defense (James Mattis) that changes will occur in how to deal with " Islamic state Organisation," and added: "During this time (Trump) will continue to hold discussions regardiong joint military operations and what he wants from them” Comment: Observers all over the world spoke about the arrival of Trump to the White House, and it was mostly pessimistic; they all thought that the new "Gladiator" will not have any friend

The Plan behind the Apparent Madness of Trump’s Decisions in the White House

During Donald Trump’s first week as US president, he enacted controversial campaign pledges sending shock waves around the world. Exactly as promised, Trump banned entry to the US from seven Muslim countries for 90 days and suspended refugee admissions for 120 days, he began repealing and replacing ‘Obamacare’, he cancelled the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement, and he ordered the building of a huge wall on the Mexican border coupled with arrogant promises that Mexico “would pay for the wall”, even though the Mexican president refused this and cancelled his planned visit to the US. Furthermore, much of the rhetoric from the White House during this first week was wild, and US policy toward China, Russia, Europe and international organizations such as NATO and the UN is in doubt. The most visible agenda of the new administration appears to be the white Christian “America first” nationalism of the ‘alternative right’, while the traditional conservative Republican agenda that dominate

Hanafi Fuqaha on Public Property

The concept of public property, and its opposing category of private property, is well known today, due primarily to the centrality of the latter to liberal and capitalist thought and the former to socialist thought. However, the notion that certain things are owned by individuals, giving them exclusive disposal rights thereof, whilst others are for the common disposal of people collectively long precedes modernity. Modern thinkers were not the first to come up with these ideas. They but adopted them within or for certain broader ideological paradigms. John Locke, for instance, makes private property central to his (liberal) political theory, where for Karl Marx the abolition of private ownership of the means of production is central to ending capitalist exploitation. Islam has its own notions of private and public property far removed from the associated ideological frameworks of modernity. Private property is neither the grounds for all individual rights on the basis of which hu