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Taliban Victory: It's Meaning to the Ummah

OGN inteviews former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Moazzem Begg regarding the Taliban victory in Afghanistan.   Source

Iman is more than 'At-Tasdeeq al-Jaazim' (decisive assent) | Professor Muhammad al-Massari

This video from the Tafseer of Quran circles of Professor Muhammad al-Massari includes an in depth explanation regarding the Shariah definition of Iman. Using evidences from the Quran, the Sheikh elucidates a refinement to the traditional definition of Iman as 'At-Tasdeeq al-Jaazim' (decisive assent). He explains the need to include 'acceptance' and 'surrender' in the definition.    Source

Shaykh Abdalqadir as-Sufi on Government Scholars

  Now, what we have at the moment is – we have no fuqaha’ ! It is as simple as that. What do I mean by that? I mean we have ‘ulama’ , but they are castrated, metaphorically speaking. They are impotised, they are unmanned, politically speaking. Why? Because they have assembled a vast body of knowledge – no one will argue it. They can quote you hadith from morning to night. They can make commentary on Qur’an from morning to night. How many will make prayer from night to morning is not our business. But these men cannot impinge on the social process. I was visited by a man from Qatar, who presented himself as this Islamic authority and an Islamic leader. He said, “Kitab wa Sunna”. I said, “How can you say, ‘Kitab wa Sunna’, if you work for this Amir, when this and this, and more that you know that I do not know is haram and should be punished and is unacceptable?” He said, “Oh, he is a very nice man, he is a very charming man, but he is rather stupid and he does not unders

The 'Kufr' of Allying with the Enemies of Islam

The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him forewarned us that the era prior to the advent of the Dajj ā l would be characterised by years of deception and treachery .  This is exemplified by the alliances which are often made with the enemies of Islam, bringing the topic of allegiance to the fore.  To provide cover and justify the crimes of modern-day dictatorships, some have bizarrely argued that the allying with the enemies of Islam, arising from the political expediency of the ruler, isn’t essentially problematic because it is not accompanied with ‘loving them.’  Yet the explicit text of the Qur’ān provides rebuttal to such an absurdity.  It is not merely a trivial matter, nor simply one relating to acts of political expediency, but rather it is a grave matter: drawing the line between al-‘Im ā n (faith, belief) and kufr (disbelief). Nature of allegiance An explanation of allegiance through the lens of the Islamic texts is a far cry from how allegiance is