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Tafsir Surat At Takweer - Sheikh Abu Talha (Part 1)

Sheikh Abu Talha expounds on the meanings of Surah At Takweer which was revealed during the early stages of the dawah in Makkah. In his unique style and presentation he links the message of the Quran into our current scenario and the oppression and obstacles faced by the Islamic dawah carriers which are similar to those faced by the Prophet Mohammed (SAW) and the Sahaba (RA). He also extracts the method to carry the dawah from the way of the Prophet Mohammed SAW and his companions' actions in Makkah. Abu Talha explains the social environment of Makkah and the greater Arabia during the time this surah was revealed to Prophet Mohammed (SAW) & compares it with the current socio-political situation in the world, especially in the Muslim world.

Insight into the work of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Syria

Brigadier General Hussaam Al-'Awaak who deserted from the Syrian Army two years ago wrote: The sight of two of my brothers from Hizb ut-Tahrir who were arrested by Assad's forc es having their beards ripped off saddened me greatly. This is because it is this Hizb that has carried the Da'wah and the flag of the Islamic Da'wah in Syria after Ikhwaan Al-Muslimeen turned their backs on Islam and its teachings and distanced themselves from it. They turned instead towards the objective of political gains and interests keen on gaining positions of authority and wealth which has become clear in the highest levels through the course of the revolution when they attempted to ride the revolution to achieve dominance within it in order to take away the wealth and financial donations from states and individuals so as to fill the coffers of their own group and the pockets of their leadership. This is so that they can grab the authority after the revolution achieves victory. Whereas

Analysis about the appointment of Ghassan Hitto to begin the formation of a transitional government in Syria

The formation of the government (transitional) reflects the struggle inside the ‘National Alliance’ which in turn reflects the US and European struggle in regards to the situation in Syria. This is in the case where a large number of the members of the ‘Syrian Alliance’ are influenced by the Europeans via Qatar and Saudi whilst the others at the head of which is Mu’aadh Al-Khateeb completely represent the American interests just like the ruler of Damascus is under the American influence. The appointment of Ghassan Hitto to form a transitional government representing the alliance came as an expression of the European direction represented by Qatar and Saudi as they wish to cut out all possibilities of making a deal that would lead to the current ruling regime remaining in Damascus as a result of dialogue after the failure of murder and destruction in achieving that. And this European direction differs from the American direction that refused the formation of a transitional government ma

Hizb ut-Tahrir Syria on the killing of Sheikh Buti

And thus Sheikh Buti, the Regime's supporter met his end in his Masjid And the Regime is not distant from this crime, so people of insight should pay attention On the 21st March 2013, Sheikh Said Ramadan al-Buti and 40 others were killed, while over 80 were injured, according to the claims of the Ikhbariyya News Channel, known for its lies and evil. The explosion took place in Masjid Iman in the ancient Mazra'ah district of Damascus during his usual weekly lecture. As is usual, the official Syrian channels rushed to the scene of the crime, and the security services prevented all other media from coverage or taking pictures, in order to control the information and accusations, even though Ikhbariyya's coverage points the finger of suspicion at the State itself. This is because the large chair where the Sheikh would give his lecture and the area around it received light damage, while blood and body parts were concentrated in the centre of the masjid. Also, the coverag

Butcher of Central Asia, Karimov Extends Hizb ut Tahrir Members' Sentence Another Three or More Years!

  Central Media office H. 21 Rabi' II 1434 M. 2013/03/03 No: 1434 AH/ 27 Press Release B utcher of Central Asia, Karimov Extends Hizb ut Tahri r  Members'  Sentence A nother  Three or More  Years! (Translated) The enemy of Allah, the tyrant of Uzbekistan, Karimov who is vindictive against Islam, shows his hatred against Muslims in general, and especially against Hizb ut Tahrir members. He fabricates false criminal charges against Hizb members to prolong their prison term or to suspend their released after serving their term. After Hizb members, who were arrested between 1999- 2000, completed their 10-14 year prison sentence; Karimov and his thugs refused to release them by fabricating criminal charges against them; sentencing them with additional prison time.  Among these Shababs are: Brother Sameen from Engekurgan from the province of Fergana detained for 19 years. Abdumana from Margelana was sentenced a second term of 3.5 years.  Madhfur

What about the Thousands of Muslims who Participate with America in the Killings?

  Central Media office H. 21 Rabi' II 1434 M. 2013/03/03 No: 1434 AH/ 26 Press Release The Hypocrite  U.S.  Congress Maintains  D rone Attack s What about the  T housands of Muslims who Participate with America in the Killings? (Translated) The Republicans and Democrats, members of the House of Judiciary Committee, in Washington, have expressed concern over the drone attacks launched by the United States on the people who carry U.S. citizenship.  This was unveiled the beginning of last month; which the "White Paper" issued by the U.S. Department of Justice to Congress surfaced. It mentioned the confidential memo giving authority to the U.S. President to kill American people who are considered a threat to U.S. security. What about the direct targeting of unarmed civilians conducted by the U.S. military in Afghanistan and Iraq?  What about the destruction of their homes and demolition of their country used by weapons and ammunition that

SNC represents the West and is responsible for sustaining the butcher Bashar’s regime!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Syrian National Coalition represents the West who established it in the first place, and this coalition is responsible for the crime of sustaining the butcher Bashar and his criminal regime! General Authority of the Syrian National Coalition met on 21st and 22nd February 2013 in Cairo to develop the framework for a political solution plan in Syria and to explore the formation of a transitional government that would run its business from abroad and hold negotiations to end the crisis. In this meeting the coalition confirmed how alienated it is from the majority of the Syrian people, which demands to be governed by Islam. Yet again, the coalition has declared its adoption of a secular project in order to further reassure the West, so waiving the sovereignty of the law of Allah Almighty, through its call for a  “democratic, civil and pluralistic system that equates among Syrians, men and women, of all different religious, sectarian, national and ethnic affiliat

Political-Economics of Petrol pricing in India: an Islamic Perspective

Of the various sensitive issues that can make or break a government in India, petrol pricing is one. As on 10 Dec '12, petrol price in India is R72.3 (Average price of Metros). If we take Delhi as a base, it has fluctuated 30 times over the past 4 years causing an increase by 47%.1 On May 23, 2012 petrol saw its steepest hike ever- by R7.54 leading to nationwide protests by the opposition and the general public. Protesters in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha, Jammu and Kerala burnt effigies of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, set motorcycles on fire and held placards reading "Bring down petrol prices".2 Impact on Inflation Petrol prices account for 1.09% of overall WPI (Wholesale Price Index). Implying that an 11.5% increase (due to the hike of R7.54 recently) increases the inflation by 13-15 bps.3 Inflation, as we know, reduces the purchasing power of the Rupee and effectively makes people poorer. In a country where 77 per cent of the population spen

Pseudo Scholars: Always at the Service of Crusaders

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم News & Comment Pseudo Scholars: Always at the Service of Crusaders News: In an interview to the BBC News, on 1st March 2013, the Head of the Ulema Council Pakistan, Molana Tahir Ashrafi said, "Philistine is occupied by Israel, Kashmir is occupied by India and Afghanistan is occupied by the U.S. forces. If all the Muslims have no atomic weapons they should sacrifice their own selves in the way of their lord, Allah (swt)." Comment: The statement of Molana Tahir Ashrafi provoked the emotions of the people from all corners, which are mainly based on the false premise of Nationalism, and have been condemned, by specific national circles saying that such statements are politically motivated. They also refused it because it contradicts the Fatwas of Saudi Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz and other Islamic lands Ulema's councils. The reaction is intensified by some circles in the government and media so that to widen the gap between the Mu

A Message to the Muslims in Bangladesh || March 2013

A very interpersonal message to the muslims in Bangladesh and rest of the world on behalf of Struggle for Islam in Bangladesh page. Find them on Facebook: Twitter @muslimsinBD

Video: Lessons for Dawah - Shiekh Abu Talha Malkawi

Sheikh Abu Talha expounds on lessons for carrying da'wah.  

Khilafah Conference in Istanbul - 17 March 2013

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Media Office of Turkey: Khilafah Conference in Istanbul Inshallah with the guidance of Allah, Hizb ut Tahrir/ Wilayah Turkey will hold a Khilafah conference next Sunday, 05 Jumada 1434 AH, corresponding to 17 March 2013 in Istanbul under the title: "Ash-Sham is moving towards victory, despite oppression and the collar of treason and the international forces of tyranny" On the occasion of the calendar anniversary of the demolition of the Islamic Caliphate. A delegate from the Central Media Office in Wilayah/Turkey is to cover the conference, Inshallah. And we will post them, Inshallah, turn on this page. For more information go to: Hizb ut-Tahrir - Wilayah of Turkey

Heroes in Syria says 'No to Civil State, We want an Islamic State' | English subtitles

Protest staged by Hizb ut-Tahrir Syria including excerpts from a speech by Hisham Al-Baba.

Oh People! Isn't it time for you to reject the Awami-BNP politics?

Oh People! Isn't it time for you to reject the Awami-BNP politics of division and destruction and look to a new politics? What we have seen of violence and chaos in Bangladesh in recent times is nothing more than the fruits of the failed Awami-BNP alliances' politics of division, destruction and fitnah. The political alliances are positioning themselves ahead of the elections in order to turn things in the direction which favours their coming to power. At the same time the Hasina government, together with other anti-Islamic forces, is using the latest events to whip up a frenzy of attack against Islam and Muslims in Bangladesh. Hizb ut-Tahrir condemns in the strongest terms the Awami-BNP destructive politics, vilification of Islam and the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم and the heavy handed police tactics against the ordinary God-fearing Muslims of Bangladesh. Hizb ut-Tahrir has been highlighting to the people of Bangladesh for the last 10 years that there is no future

O Muslims in Syria: Do Not Fear Obama's Statements of Military Intervention It is Him that Fears You!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم O Muslims in Syria: Do Not Fear Obama's Statements of Military Intervention It is Him that Fears You! (Translated) There have been repeated internal and external accusations that President Obama did not try hard enough to deal with the Syrian crisis and that his involvement has been negative. This has created an atmosphere of pressure against him that has led him to make statements in the past few days that reveal the extent of America's confusion regarding the Syrian issue - and reveal the malice in its settlement. In an interview with the American magazine  "New Republic"  on 27/1 and an interview with  "60 Minutes"  on the 28/1, he said, " H e is working hard to assess the issue of U.S. intervention militarily in the conflict in Syria"  and he asked,  " What offers the best prospect of a stable post-Assad regime ?"  In a recorded speech he made on 29/1, Obama said,  " I have agreed to provide an addit