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Q&A: The American-Russian Accord and the Purpose of the Nuclear Summit

Question: It is known that the Russian air intervention in Syria occurred through the agreement of America in a dirty deal where Russia would undertake that which serves the American interests in Syria, in exchange for America turning a blind eye to the Russian occupation of Crimea, in addition to what is taking place in Eastern Ukraine… It was possible to understand from that, that there is a policy of agreement or accord between Russia and America. However, what has happened recently in respect to excluding Russia from the Nuclear Summit which Obama is coordinating in addition to the war confrontations that have taken place between Azerbaijan which is backed by America and Armenia which is backed by Russia, all of that makes this accord unstable… And the question is: What is the explanation for this? Another question: How did this nuclear summit arise? And what is its purpose? And will it really lead to nuclear disarmament? Jazaak Allahu Khairan. Answer: Firstly: The unst

The Quest for Tranquillity in Marital Life

When the wedding celebrations are over and husband and wife settle down in their new lives many find it is not what they hoped for or expected. As the euphoria and novelty runs out and gives way to routine and normality, the marriage relationship becomes strained as both spouses struggle to get through life. Constant arguments, bickering and unhappiness pervades the atmosphere with little or no hope of a resolution. This problem in the marital life is so widely felt that we would scarcely find a person who does not know of a close family member or relative who is not in this predicament. Whilst it is inevitable that not every marriage will succeed or be without its fair share of problems, the marital discord and misery we see today cannot simply be attributed to the incompatibility which can sometimes occur between two people. Rather a deeper study into the widespread problems and misery we witness will reveal that it is due to a lack of the correct criteria and thoughts - this is th

Da’wah, Activism & Jail: Living the Concept of ‘Rizq’

We share a thought-provoking article by a brother from a recent visit he made to Bangladesh. There he met brothers who are engaged in the activism and da’wah for the Khilafah and who have been in and out of jail numerous time for being involved in this work. His thoughts are reflective and sure to make everyone think. May Allah (swt) give us a true understanding of the important concept of   rizq . Al Hamdulillah, in my recent trip to Bangladesh, I’ve had the opportunity to meet a brother I’ve known for a long time. He is much younger than me, but a lot more mature and stronger when it comes to dealing with the trials of life. He is a political activist and calls for pretty much what I call for – a unified Ummah living Islam as a comprehensive way of life. The only difference is that the consequences he has had to face for his political views are far worse than what I can ever even imagine. He has been imprisoned a number of times, which has seriously hampered his studie

Video: Understanding "Difference of Opinion" in Islam Properly

Sometimes people disagree. That is a fact of life. Sometimes disagreements can be complimentary and can work together, other times one opinion must dominate the other.  When misunderstood, this topic can lead to unnecessary hostility and friction, or, on the other hand, to unacceptable tolerance and watering down of the truth. How should we approach and understand this issue from the Islamic perspective? Does Islam allow difference of opinion at all? What about Madhaahib (schools of thought)? Are they a good thing, or are they something that should be eliminated altogether? When should we welcome differences, and when should we shun them? In this video we discuss the topic of difference of opinion in Islam in a deep and comprehensive manner, identifying the legislative reasoning and limits that Islam places on difference of opinion (called Ikhtilaaf).

Q&A: Evidence for Contracts becoming Batil (void) and Fasid (defective) is based on ijma

Question: Respected scholar Ata bin Khalil Abu Rashtah, may Allah سبحانه وتعالى protect you, Assalamu Alaykom wa Rahmatullah: It is mentioned in the book,  The Islamic Personality  Volume 3, that:  “ Also the Sahaabah may Allah be pleased with them inferred the corruption and the invalidity of contracts from the prohibition, from that is Ibn ‘Omar’s proof of the invalidity of marrying the polytheist women by the saying of Allah Ta’ala :   وَلَا تَنْكِحُوا الْمُشْرِكَاتِ   “Do not marry polytheist women…”   and no one disapproved this of him so it was a consensus ”. My question is, Barak Allahu feekum, how is the matter a consensus when the evidence is apparent in the verse? Wassalamu Alaykom wa Rahmatullah From Hamdi Al-Husseini Answer: Wa Alaykom Assalam Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuhu, In order to clarify the answer to your question, I will provide the full text that you are asking about, under the chapter:  “Prohibition of Dispositions and Contracts” : The prohi