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O Muslims in Syria: The real battle is with the colonial West

The International Community does not account Bashar Assad for his crimes, as long as those he kills are Muslims On Sunday 23/12/2012 AD Lakhdar Brahimi arrived at Beirut airport, from Cairo, in a visit unannounced for security reasons. The media was not even allowed to hint about his mission. He travelled from Beirut to Damascus by land with complete confidentiality; where he was received by Faisal al-Miqdad, who would have accompanied him to the Sheraton Hotel to meet with the butcher Bashar Assad on Monday 24/12/2012, as reported by the media. It is noteworthy that Brahimi had threatened to abandon his mission if he was not received by the Ripper – after he had waited a long time without getting an answer. As to the purpose of the Brahimi visit, the French newspaper Le Figaro mentioned that he wanted to convey to President Bashar al-Assad American-Russian proposals that stipulate the formation of a transitional government composed of ministers acceptable to the two conflict

Campaign: Free Naveed Butt

International Campaign Website: On the 11th May 2012 whilst bringing his children home from school, Naveed Butt, official spokesman for Hizb ut-Tahrir in Pakistan was confronted by a group of some ten or more men, some with the word security embossed on their t-shirts. In front of his frightened children he was bundled into an awaiting Suzuki van a standard vehicle used by the Pakistani Intelligence Service (ISI). This kind of abduction is a common practice used by the ISI to kidnap those who oppose and expose the corruption and servitude of the Pakistani government to the Americans. Naveed Butt has for many years been a staunch opponent of successive Pakistani governments and has espoused an alternative forward looking Islamic Khilafah system for Pakistan. It is obvious to those familiar with the threatening tactics of the Pakistani authorities that Naveed’s political views are the motivation behind his abduction. This website has been prima

India: Shabnam - the woman who was raped twice

The gruesome gang rape that happened recently in capital city New Delhi of India has knocked off the imagination of Indian Nation. The college going ‘girl’ was gang raped in a private bus. Six men, reportedly in a drunken state, are involved in the crime. The barbarity of the incident of shoving iron rod in the private organs of the girl has sent jitters down the spine of conscious young people in the country. This news perturbed me quite irately. I went on to pour condemnation messages all over social media, very emotionally until I remembered Shabnam. In north of Kashmir, a hamlet, Konan-Poshpora known for the ‘mass rape’ of some 62 women in early 1990’s by the Indian army, Shabnam was standing near the bus stop, when I arrived . Although in her late thirties, she was dim, her face pale and wrinkled. Every woman in the hamlet has a gruesome spine chilling story to share, but, Shabnam is a symbol of ‘existence’. She exists, quite plainly and different from the rest of the ‘mass’.

How should a common Muslim evaluate contradicting opinions by scholars - Shaykh Abu Talha

When two scholars are giving contradictory opinions regarding an issue, how should a common Muslim evaluate the two opinions with the intention to follow the best one in obedience to Allah (SWT)? Shaykh Abu Talha explains how a Muslim should understand opinions of the ulama and try their best to follow one which is closest to the Quran & the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammed (SAW).

Q&A: Would Hizb ut-Tahrir Be Considered As Mujtahid, Or Muqallid, Ammi Or Muttabi'?

The following is a translation from an Arabic Q&A from the time of Sheikh Taqiuddin an-Nabhani (rh).  Question:  Would Hizb ut-Tahrir Be Considered As Mujtahid, Or Muqallid, Ammi Or Muttabi'? Answer: Hizb-ut-Tahrir is a Takattul (structure) based upon an ideology (Mabda') whose members have believed in, an ideology which the party aims at establishing in society, in one part of the world at first, then throughout the whole world. Therefore, it is not a Mujtahid, nor is it a Muqallid, it is in fact a Takattul based on Islam in its quality as an ideology, which it aims at establishing in society then in the world. Hizb-ut-Tahrir is a group of individuals and a group of institutions gathered on the basis of Islam as an ideology. It would be difficult, if not impossible to describe it as Mujtahid or Muqallid. It would be even wrong if not impossible for it to be Mujtahid or Muqallid. The party rather adopts a host of thoughts and Ahkam (rules) from the Islamic Sharia

Video: Enjoining the Good and Forbidding the Evil: Its Practical Application

Br. Uthman Badar speaks at the SUMSA 40th anniversary dinner, entitled "40 Years and Beyond", on the pertinent topic of enjoining the good and forbidding the evil, and its practical application. This was a lecture organised by the Sydney University Muslim Students Association (SUMSA).

Voting in the West & Non-Islamic systems: For Lesser of Two Evils? Explained by Shaykh Abu Talha

Shaykh Abu Talha explains about the Islamic perspective and the implications of ruling in the west or in non-Islamic systems. Does the voting become justified or halal because it is being done to elect the 'lesser of two evils'? What are the implications of voting for one of the evils on our life in this world and akhirah? Watch this brief explanation, comprehend and share with fellow Muslims.

Is Jordan Next?

By  Dr. Mohammad Malkawi   Until the defeat of the Ottomans following World War I, Transjordan, today known as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, had been part of the Syrian administrative unit. In March 1921, the British Colonial Secretary, Winston Churchill, convened the Cairo Conference that endorsed an arrangement whereby Transjordan would be added to the Palestine mandate, with Abdullah I bin al-Hussein as the Emir under the authority of the British High Commissioner.[1] In 1922, the British modified the mandate over Palestine to include a mandate over the territory east of the Jordan River.[2] Until today, the boundaries of Transjordan relative to Palestine are purposely left undefined. In 1994, the Wadi Araba agreement only defined the borders with Israel and left undefined the boundaries with the Palestinian Authority (West Bank of Jordan). Furthermore, Jordan’s governing remains under the authority of the British commissioner. When King Hussein decided to change the hei

Oh People! Reject Hasina-Khaleda, the Agents of US-India, and Overthrow the Democratic System

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Oh People! Reject Hasina-Khaleda, the Agents of US-India, and Overthrow the Democratic System which is the Factory that Manufactures Such Agents The imperialists' design for Bangladesh has become clear to everyone by now. We, in Hizb ut Tahrir, have exposed that to the people of the country numerous times. Here is a summary of what we have been saying: 1. The leader of the crusaders, America plans to prevent the return of the Islamic Khilafah in this region and it wants to keep China encircled by countries under its sphere of influence. In order to achieve this plan, America has made increasing its military presence in the region under various guises which include frequent military exercises, the cornerstone of its policy. This policy is known as "Asian pivot." The Strategic and Security Dialogue with Bangladesh is a part of this policy. 2. As well as this, America adopted the policy of gaining India to work with them. It calls this po

Reflections from Hajj and a vision of it under the Khilafah

Our journey began from Riyadh where I had flown in early Dhul Hijjah. With only a few days remaining we prepared for our journey to Taif , the Miqat for the Pilgrims from the Najd region. Once we arrived in Taif we changed into our Ihrams which is one of the preconditions for those who want to perform Umrah or Hajj . We made the Niyyah to perform Hajj and made Dua to Allah (swt) to accept our Hajj . After that we left Taif for Makkah. We arrived in Makkah on the 8 th and by afternoon we reached Mina where Hujjaj (Sing:Haji- Pilgrim) are to stay overnight. Mina has a mountainous terrain and mostly covered with mountains, access to it is via roads made by making tunnels into the mountains. Some of them are as long as 2 kilometers. There are separate tunnels for vehicles and those who prefer to walk. Most of the plains of Mina have been covered with Tents which are permanently erected.  Over 3 Million Haji’s stay in this otherwise empty town during this night and the t