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New Zealand Mosque Shooting is an inevitable outcome of decades of War on Terror language

50 Muslims killed at Friday prayers in #NewZealandShooting by far right fanatics.  When they can livestream murder of worshippers at prayer you know depravity has sunk to lowest pits. This hatred has been stoked by politicians and media. They must be accounted alongside killers. They said they never expected such a thing to happen in a place like New Zealand. I almost agreed but then I remembered they said exactly the same thing when a gunman killed worshippers in a mosque in Quebec last year. They said the same thing when Anders Breivik carried out his murderous rampage in idyllic Norway.  The truth is this hatred has been stoked at every level and is deeply institutional and transcontinental.  Armed far right groups have turned up outside mosques in the USA, intimidating and threatening unarmed worshippers - as a matter of routine.  Donald Trump’s brazen anti-Muslim rhetoric, Boris Johnson’s vilification of Muslim women, Tommy Robinson, Katie Hopkins, J