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Urdu audio: Riyadh Summit & the betrayal of Palestine

The following is an Urdu audio of circle by Sheikh Abu Omar al-Khazraji about the Riyadh Summit, March 2007 and the betrayal of palestine. The file can be listened to and downloaded from, to download the mp3 of the file you have to get a free esnips account and login - then the download button will appear: )

New Urdu files - Inpage & PDF

I have uploaded new Urdu files including inpage files and some PDF's. The following is a translation of Evidences about the Return of the Khilafah Open letter to lawyers in Pakistan Fiqh of Beard Amrerica's 2nd Crusade against the Muslims of Kashmir (PDF) ) I have also uploaded a new translation of the 'The Ruling System in Islam' by Sheikh Taqi ud-deen an-Nabhani, 'The Warm Call' and 'The Essential elements of the Islamic Nafsiyyah'. The PDF version of the Urdu translation of Mefaheem (concepts) by Sheikh Nabhani has also been uploaded:

Muslim Women: Between the Miniskirt and the Veil

The aftermath of 9/11 saw a barrage of attacks against Islam in the media. The media focus was to put the Muslims in the West in the spotlight. Yet again our identity was being questioned; yet again our position in Britain was being redefined. Anti-Muslim sentiment has been rife throughout Europe. This climate has led to much discussion about the position of Muslims in Western societies, especially with regards to the need to ensure the integration of Muslims into the host society. Many statements made by politicians, highlight the agenda of the government. Peter Hain, the former UK Minister for Europe, said; "We need to work much harder to integrate Muslims in particular, with the rest of society" and Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, stated; "As British Muslims - and their European counterparts - become more and more integrated into the fabric of our democracies, we may over time see the emergence of a distinctly European Islam" [Prospect Magazine, October 2002].

Analysis: What is happening in Turkey?

The following is a translation from an Arabic Political Analysis Q&A by Sheikh Ata Abu Rashta: Question: What is happening in Turkey? The Presidential elections in the Parliament, then direct election, then parliamentary elections, remarkable activities in the ranks of government and army, statements and counter statements, the Constitutional Court’s interference, the President first accepting and then backing off…What is role of the US and Britain in the matter? Is there a role for the Kurd Party especially since bomb blasts and others activities are being attributed to it during the current turmoil, which we know is being perpetrated by America? And lastly, what are the comparative strengths of the various Turkish parties in the upcoming polls next month? Answer: To have a clear picture, it is necessary to delve into the history of the birth of secular Turkey. First: Ever since the traitor Kemal Pasha executed the British designs and thereby destroyed the Khilafah after the Firs

Inheritors of Tomorrow

Mixing culture with Islam dilutes the Islamic character which results in an identity crisis for Muslim youth living in the West. Islam is a complete way of life and as such, it cannot be compromised regardless of where one lives. Teaching the youth Islam must become the priority for each and every parent. Last week, the Toronto Star reported that a father living in London, England had ordered the killing of his daughter due to the fact that she had pre-marital relations with another man and that she had also adopted many Western customs and traditions. The article labelled the act as an “honour killing” and claimed that such acts are to be blamed on the rise of Islamic Fundamentalism. Contrary to media claims, this tragedy is not a by product of Islamic Fundamentalism but rather, a result of the absence of a true Islamic society. It is also the result of a failure to implant the correct Islamic concepts and values in our children’s minds by not raising them according to the true and co

The events in Palestine are more than criminal

The following is a translation from an Arabic leaflet. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم The events in Palestine are more than criminal, even scandalous. Is there not among you Oh those competing in evil, a wise man? Is it not criminal that Fatah with which the people had hopes of liberating the entire Palestine has ended up ruling the Western strip under occupation, and it has no wherewithal, neither authority and nor sovereignty. Yet it is shamelessly celebrating and singing praising itself for having banished Hamas and its militias from the lands under the Palestinian Authority, while its duty was to prevent the Jews’ forces from entering, parading and marching through the streets of the Palestinian lands! Again, is it not criminal that Hamas with which the people had hopes of liberating the entire Palestine has ended up ruling Gaza under occupation, and it has no wherewithal, neither authority and nor sovereignty. Yet it is thanking Allah that it has freed Gaza from Fatah and its militias, w

Imam-e-Ka’ba should not take undue advantage of Pakistani Muslims’ reverence to the Ka’ba

The rulers are trying to cash Muslims’ great devotion and reverence to the Ka’ba-tullah and Makkatul Mukarrama. The emotions of a common Pakistani were severely hurt on hearing American rhetoric and terminologies coming from imam-e-Ka’ba. Though Muslims do revere give a lot of respect and reverence to the Ka’ba, however, it does not mean in any way that they will tolerate anything from the trustee of the Ka’ba if he says anything wrong about Allah (SWT), the Messenger (saw) and Islam. Quresh (at the time of jahiliyah) were also the trustees’ of the house of Ka’ba but the Ummah never gave them respect just because they were taking care of the Ka’ba. Imam-e-Ka’ba’s statement regarding Jihad is not only mistaken but it can even have a negative impact on the on going resistance against American occupation. Muslims need permission neither from these fasiq rulers nor from any sarkari mullah (government scholars) to wage jihad against Kafir occupiers in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kashmir, and Chechny

Jilbab and the Muslim Woman’s Dress Code

Sources of Islamic Law The sources in Islamic law are primarily the Qur’an and Sunnah [1] . The Qur’an, the book held sacred by Muslims, contains approximately 500 verses dealing with diverse topics which are of a legal relevance. The Sunnah represents the repository of reports of sayings, acts and consent of the Prophet Muhammad. The role of the Sunnah is seen as an elaboration of the Quranic injunctions. There are other sources which derive from the two primary sources and they are the Ijma’ (legal consensus), Qiyas (analogical deduction) and other disputed sources but they are not relevant to the discussion at hand. The Notion of an Islamic Dress Code Islamic law is comprehensive in its enunciation of a code of conduct with respect to an individual’s life and dealings with others. Part of this are the rules pertaining to dress and attire. The dress code includes rules for men and women. So for example, a man is obliged to cover a certain part of his body whilst in front of others an